Thursday, April 5, 2012

Garage Sale Easter Decor

Spring Is Here!
Alright, first off I am really trying to learn how to participate in these Link Parties. From what I understand a Link party is where a bunch of other bloggers link up their projects. It makes finding cool DIY projects and other blogs a lot easier. So with this post on my garage sale Easter decor I will be listing all of the other blogs I have linked up to to hopefully help you guys find some other really awesome websites too!

Everything except for the tissue paper pom poms, rosette balls, frame and one item of decor is from garage sales and D.I!

Here is the breakdown of my Easter decor:
The tall vase was $5 at D.I. and eggs inside were .50 cents a piece except for the two little pink ones. I bought those along with a bunch of other Easter eggs for .25 cents. The frame at the base of the vase I made for about $5. The little bird to the left of the frame was .50 cents at D.I. and the flowers in the little teal pot were also found at D.I. for .50 cents
I found the decorative garden ball at D.I. also. It came with two other balls just like it and in a really cool iron try. They were $3 dollars each. The little bunny I found at a garage sale for >50 cents and the crystal candle holder and candle were found at D.I. for a total of $2.

The green relish tray I found at D.I. for 1.50. I repainted it and put the vinyl silhouettes on it. The easel it is sitting on was found at a garage sale for $1

The decorative glass cylinder with the fleur de lis on top I bought at Roberts for $7 dollars and a friend and I made the yarn eggs inside of it. Again the teal pot with flowers in it was .50 cents at D.I., the bunny was .50 cents form a garage sale and the crystal candle holder and candle were a total of $2 from D.I. also.
Last picture, the 2nd decorative garden ball again, $3 at D.I. Do the watering cans and lollipops look familiar? Yup they are the ones I used in the photo session with all the little girls in my neighborhood! Click Here to take a look! I bought the watering cans for $1 a piece at a garage sale and the lollipops were 3 for a $1. The little bird was another .50 cents from D.I.

The total amount I spent on making the tissue paper pom poms, rosette balls was 12.50 and the silver tinsel I found at D.I. for .50 cents. For tutorials on the tissue paper pom poms Click Here! For a tutorial on the rosette ball with pearls Click Here! The total amount spent on my everything on my mantel was $51.50! Take a look at your Easter decorations around your house and see if you can remember how much you spent.

Take a look at some of the before and afters of the items I found at D.I. and garage sales!

When you are glittering something you always want it to be white so that patterns don't show through. So I painted my eggs white.
Sprayed it with a spray adhesive, through it in a bag with some glitter and shook it up!

This was a Christmas dish before! I took a piece of sand paper to it to rough it up and then spray painted it green.
Then I found some Easter silhouettes online and had a friend cut them out for me with vinyl cutter
Much cuter after!

I just used paint and a simple foam roller and gave them a new look!

Just use spray paint! I also sanded down the smaller one so that the silver patterning would should through!

Tutorial on this frame coming soon!

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  1. Wow!! You found some great deals and made some darling projects! So much eye candy there...

  2. Robyn- This blog is wonderful, but horrible for me. Now my husband has to talk me out of going to every garage sale in St. George. I love all your finds. You are so creative and can see the potential in something. I can't do that :( You are also great with interior design, you make everything look awesome. Good luck with this weekend's finds.

  3. Love your blog! And LOVE your relish tray. I'm a HUGE garage-sale fan (we call it "going sailing" in my family). Thanks for following!

  4. I love everything..especially the redo on the relish tray!

  5. I just found your blog via Be Different and Act Normal and LOVE your posts! I wish I had seen this post before I applied glitter to a whole heap of Easter eggs - it was not as neat as your method. A very happy new liker! I would love you to stop by and have a look at my blog

  6. Thank you everyone you are all so sweet!

  7. Everything looks so cute! These are such great finds! We loved having you join our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Hope to see you next week! -The Sisters