Monday, March 5, 2012

DIY Rosette Ball


For this tutorial you will need:
Streamers in your choice of color
styrofoam ball (The green and pink ball is a 3 inch ball. The pink on is a 6 inch ball)
Something to hang your rosset pom pom by (I used fishing line)
Glue gun and glue sticks

When you are garage saleing or shopping at D.I. keep your eye out for these! I was at D.I. a few weeks ago and saw one of the BIGGEST streamer rolls I have ever seen in my life and it was the cutest color of teal. I thought to myself, I should buy that, but didn't know what I would use it for..... a few weeks later I needed teal streamers to make my rosset pom poms and couldn't find them anywhere! I was so mad at myself! I ended up using green and pink instead.
I originally got this idea from this website but did something a little different with mine. Here is how I did mine.
To make your roset pom poms you will first cut 2ft strips of your streamers. For my 6 inch rosset pom pom I used 66 strips. I was able to get 61 strips out of one roll of streamers. For both of my rosset balls I used two pink streamer rolls and one green one.
Next you will crumble your streamers, this is supposed to give your roses and softer look
Next I turned the top 1/3 of my strip down. You don't have to do this. I felt it just gave it a more finished look.
Now take one end and roll it a few times. This doesn't have to be neatly rolled, in fact I think it looks better when it is a little messier. I rolled mine anywhere from 7 to 15 times. Tip: the more you roll the center of your rose the smaller it will be overall. If your trying to make your streamers really stretch don't roll the center 15 times.
Now you will start twisting and wrapping the streamer around itself. While you are doing this try to stay closer to the top. It's easy to start drooping down but try to keep everything on the same plane.
After you get to the end of your streamer you will add a dot of glue to the end to secure it from unraveling
This is what you rose will look like from the side. Before glueing your roses onto your styrofoam ball fold the end down thats shown in the picture. This will make glueing easier and faster.
To make sure your rose is really secure glue it to the styrofoam and to it's neighboring roses. This will help to eliminate unraveling.
If you are wanting to hang your roset pom pom you will not want to cover it completely.
Once you get to this point you will want to get a screw and push it down into your styrofoam ball. After pushing mine down I pulled it back out and filled the hole with hot glue and re-inserted the screw to make sure it would stay in place.
now you cant attach whatever you will be hanging your rosset pom pom with. I use fishing line. It would also be cute to use ribbon. After you have done this continue to cover your styrofoam ball with your streamer roses until you can not see the screw.

After I was done with my roses I glued a few pearls in between my roses. I picked up the pearls at a garage sale for about .10 cents. They were in a little baggie and looked like they had once been on a necklace that had broken.

My total cost on the small rosset pom pom was about $2.50 and about $7 for the bigger pom pom. This price would have been much cheaper if I had found the styrofoam balls at garage sales. I have seen them before but again didn't pick them up because I wasn't sure what I would use them for!

I used the rossett pom poms in some birthday pictures for a friend and also for my own girls birthday pictures.

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