About Us


Hi, my name is Robin and garage saleing has been a passion of mine for a very long time. I am a third generation garage saler. My mom taught me how to garage sale when I was a little girl and her mother taught her. Garage saleing has been a great way for me to provide my family with their needs and wants on a budget. It has also helped me fill my home with beautiful decorations, provide entertainment for my children, helped my husband find tools, hunting and fishing gear and even renovate and increase the value of our home for next to nothing! I have created GarageSalesRUus to show everyone what amazing things we find at garage sales each week and how much we save! My hope is that this blog will inspire you to get out there and see what you can find. Don’t forget to share your amazing deals with us!


Hello, my name is C.J. I am the father and husband of these three beautiful girls. I enjoy going garage saleing with my wife and girls because I can find great deals on all kinds of neat things. I have several hobbies such as, hunting, fishing, camping, playing sports, training and competing in triathlons and striving to become a handy man. Trying to keep up with all these hobbies can get pretty expensive if your buying from stores but garage sales help me find the things that I need for a fraction of the cost.


This is Jaysa. She is our spunky little three year old. She has quite the personality and enjoys making people laugh. Her favorite activity is playing out side and being with friends. She loves being a big sister and is always watching out for Paisley. She keeps us very busy and provides us with lots of entertainment. She lives life to the fullest and brings our family much joy.


This is Paisley. She is our love baby, born on Valentines Day! She just recently started walking and thrives on her mobility. She is a mischievous busy body and is always getting into things. Her favorite toy is an open toilet and her mom’s makeup. Her favorite activity is unloading the pots and pan cupboard and her dresser drawers. As you can imagine we have our hands full with this little girl but no matter how wild she gets she will always be our sweet little baby girl!