Saturday, August 25, 2012

Show & Tell Saturday

Here is another guest from for our Show & Tell Saturday!

Meet Theresa! She blogs over at Quar Decor. She is going to tell us about her filing cabinet makeover!
I picked up two free file cabinets through Craigslist last week. I find a lot of free stuff, but I usually have to work for it. Often times I have to carry heavy pieces up or down several flights of stairs on my own. That's the price I pay to get it for free! These people just want their "junk" taken away, and they don't usually want to do it themselves.

So Mike and I carried these file cabinets down two long flights of stairs and brought them back to the house for some fixing up. I literally had to take a hammer to these guys to bang the drawers back into shape so they could open and shut properly.

Then my well-rehearsed file cabinet revamp got underway: I removed the drawers and popped the hardware off to give it a good shine. Then I cleaned the cabinets with a rag and spray painted them a deep red to cover up the scratches and minimal rust spots.

I cut up the fabric only to find that I only had enough fabric to cover one set of drawers... the other cabinet is still sitting in the living room waiting patiently for its spruced up drawers. (Stay tuned to find out what I end up doing to it!)

I spread Mod Podge on the front surface of the drawers with a cheap brush and smoothed the fabric down and around the front. I cut out a circle so the key hole could pop through.

I let the drawers dry overnight. In the morning I took an exacto knife and cut the fabric through from the back to make holes for the hardware.

The fabric and the color is so bold and bright!

What do you think about this fix up? I really enjoy sprucing up file cabinets... soon I want to create my own patterns and designs for the front of the drawers! Then I can launch my own "Fancy File Cabinet" business :) Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to check out some of my other fun fix ups I've done:

Feel free to drop my "Popular Posts" table. I add that to the end of most of the posts I link up to help keep the traffic flowing on my site! Thanks so much for hosting me :) Have a great day!
Theresa! These are so cool! I Love ALL of them! I am sure you will have some great business with the Fancy File Cabinet!

Friday, August 24, 2012

August 18th 2012

I got out a little late this Saturday morning. I had a really overwhelming and tiring week so I let myself sleep in a little bit before I got out. By the time I got out to my car it was 8:30 and I had no cash with me. On my way out I grabbed the only money I change jar.
Even being late and counting out my change to pay for items I was still able to find a few things.
I got all these green plants for $2. These will be good for decorating. It's always nice to have some green to throw in the mix. I will paint the pots to match whatever color scheme I need.
C.J. mentioned wanting some noodles for when we go out to the lake so I picked these up for .50 cents a piece.
Jaysa is really into being a cowgirl right now. When I saw these little kids chaps I thought she would love using them for dressups. I paid $2 dollars for them.

 I also bought myself two workout tank tops and an athletic jacket for $1 a piece.

I found C.J. a few shirts at the same garage sale. I bought him 4 shirts for 3.50. The two black shirts are Under Armour and Reebok polo's he will be able to wear to work. The other shirt is just one he can run in. I bought it for .50 cents. The last shirt was a white Callaway golf shirt that must be in the wash somewhere cause I couldn't find it to take a picture of it. I bought the others for $1 a piece.


Here is a kid's bounce house for $75. This would be so much fun!
I loved these flats but they were a little bit too big. They were a few dollars a piece.
These are brand new kid's track shoes for $3 dollars.
Here is an umbrella stroller for $2 dollars. You can't beat that price!

I also found a lady that was selling some canopy covers she made for $15 dollars a piece.

She had lots of patterns. Some of them weren't the cutest but if you are in need of one this would work.

She also ha some of THE cutest baby girl clothes for $1 a piece.

I think this one was really cute! She also had a little black onesie that said "This is my little black dress" and had a pearl necklace printed on it. SO CUTE!

This tin bucket was .50 cents. I just bought one of these at D.I. for $1 and here is what I did with it.
This is hanging on the ladder I made a while back for my brother's engagements. I am still working on getting a few other things up on it before I post about it. This was a silver tin can just like the one I found at the garage sale. I spray painted it white. I found an awesome roll of this burlap at D.I. for $2 dollars. I cut a piece off and drew a #5 on my can with a permanent marker.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Meet Carter. Carter is the cutest little boy!!!! I just recently took his one year pictures and I am drooling over how cute they turned out! 
 For his one year pictures I wanted to have him in an old highchair eating a cupcake with a little birthday hat on. Here is the high chair I used. I found this at an antique store down the road for $15 dollars and spray painted it green.

 He was not liking his hat.
 But the second we gave him his cupcake he forgot all about it!

 Even the hat tastes good!

I made Carter's little birthday hat. Here is a tutorial on how I made it. I had so much fun with this little guy! He was so happy the whole time even when we were torturing him and making him keep his birthday hat on. Thank you Kandice for letting me borrow your handsome little guy!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gray and White Bedset

I have really been trying to lay low this week. My husband is a recruiter for the college here and his busy season is about to being so I am trying to take it easy this week before life gets really crazy around here! Here is what I have been working on. I have been wanting to do a classic gray and white bedroom set and finally collected enough furniture pieces at garage sales and the D.I. to do it. Here are my before pictures:








 This set is for sale on Craigslist, KSL, and The St. George Online Garage Sale.