Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fashion on a Dime #12

It really started to feel like summer here the last two days! I am breaking out the shorts after this one!

Financial stats for this outfit are:
White jeans- $4 at D.I 
Coral and jean shirt- $5.99 at Savers with a 30% discount which comes to $4.20
Brown leather with gold stud Guess sandals- $8.99 at Goodwill
Gold bracelets- .50 cents at a garage sale
gold earrings- $1 at D.I.
Total outfit cost- 18.70
DPWF is $1.90

Kid's Fashion
Dear sweet Paisley. It can be so hard to get pictures of her sometimes!
Financial stats for this outfit are:
Navy blue dress- $1 at a garage sale
Yellow Jelly shoes- $1 at a garage sale
Total outfit cost is $2
DPWF is .20 cents!

Fashion on a Dime #11

This is my last cooler weather outfit! Now its time for SUMMER!!!!

My financial stats for this outfit are:
Grey t-shirt- $8 on a clearance sale at Khols
White distressed pants- $3.99 at Savers with a 20% discount which comes to $3.20
Black boots- $25 on a Buy one get one Free sale at Forever shoes
Black Texas hat I bought for $7 down in Austin on 6th street
My total outfit cost is $43.20

Kid's Fashion
Now I realize we are way past winter snow flake leggings but I just could not resist this one. These pictures are just too cute. I promise I do not pose this kid. She gets in front of my camera and she just starts working it! 

Financial Stats for this outfit are:
Teal shirt- $1 at a garage sale
Snowflake leggings-.50 at a garage sale
Coral sandals- $1 at a garage sale
Total outfit cost is $2.50