Saturday, November 19, 2011



I bought this shirt for $1.

Here is what I did with it.

Work light for $10. My wife asked about this light and due to some bad communication, I thought she said it was $20 dollars not $10, I passed it up. I would have bought it for $10. Kinda mad now.


This is a really nice heavy duty fan pretty much brand new for only $10
Black and Decker edger for $15
Nice grill for $50 and I bet these guys would have gone down they were going down on everything else and it was later in the day.


I did not buy much today. There wasn't much I needed or that I just couldn't live without. Things really begin to slow down during the winter months. I remember one cold Saturday in January I spent a grand total of .25 cents on a banana holder! I was not happy that day but don't let the slow pace keep you from getting out. You can still find great stuff if you are smart about how you plan your route. Click Here to see my "Getting Started in the Garage Sale World" to see how to plan your route!
I bought this roll of... burlapish stuff for 1.50

Here is what I did with it!
I wrapped a small piece around my hanging mason jar cactus garden (which I have yet to post about) and then wrapped some twine that I also got at a garage sale for .25 cents. It just adds a little character to my jars.

Jaysa has a birthday coming up so I bought her this for $3 dollars. Its still in the box!!!!! She loves playing with bubbles so she will have lots of fun with this.

I don't know if this is necessarily the best deal but it's my favorite thing I bought today. I paid $15 for this door. I am hoping that it will work as my front door. I will paint it and get new glass for it. I LOVE it! Once I get it done I will post before and after pictures!!!!

I have always loved these frames. Every time I go into Roberts I look at them. They are close to 40 dollars a piece at the store. $20 if you use a coupon. This was marked for $2!

Here is some really cute baby bedding. They were selling everything for 10 dollars. They had the comforter, bumper pads, dust ruffle, curtain, diaper hanger mobile and more

This set, which is very similar, was on sale for $150 and was only a 6 piece set. The one at the garage sale came with much more than 6 pieces.
Click HERE to see where I found this set.
I LOVED this bird cage but my husband would have killed me if I bought it. It's the last thing I need on this earth. When I asked the lady how much she wanted for it she said "I don't know 10 bucks? Make me an offer." Which in garage sale language means "I will take less."

I LOVED this dresser too, but again, the last thing I need. This would have been a cool redo for someone!! They wanted $20 dollars for it. I for sure would have tried to barter them down to $15

Thursday, November 17, 2011


No I didn't find these at a garage sale but I got an AMAZING price on these and thought I would share. My husband and I are in the middle of a kitchen renovation and are working on the back splash at the moment. When I went out shopping for tile I was blown away at how expensive tile was. I first saw these tiles at LOWES and fell IN LOVE... then I saw the price tag... 26.60 PER TILE!!!!!!!!! My dreams were completely dashed. I continued looking around for something else hoping I could find something else I liked as much but with a much smaller price tag. My husband and I are here in Las Vegas visiting my parents and stopped by a tile store called Floor and Decor Outlets. Click HERE to go to their website. I didn't think we would find much but low and behold there was the EXACT same tile with a much MUCH smaller price tag.
Please compare the two. The tile above was 4.38 per tile
The tile below is 26.60 per tile

I saved 22.22 dollars per tile!!! We bought a total of 20 tiles so my total savings was $444.40!!! I cant believe it!!!! Thats a garage sale price!

I think the lesson to be learned here is that you can have what you want if you are smart about it and you shop around!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting Started in the Garage Sale World


As it is with everything else in this life, getting started is the hardest part. Many of us are simply intimidated by the unknown and the fact that we may not be sure how to do something. I am here to tell you that there is no right way to garage sale! You can do it however you want! For myself, I have found a few different ways that are effective that just might work for you too!

The first way is to simply get out and start driving. Go down popular roads and neighborhoods looking for signs. When you see those garage sale signs, follow them! Simple, right? Pretty soon, you will be able to establish a route that fits you. When establishing your route, an important thing to keep in mind is economic status; wealthy people tend to have nice things. Therefore it makes sense to hit the areas of higher economic status first. Those are the places where you want to begin your search. But, be careful not to count out areas just because they’re not the Ritz. I have found some pretty interesting things in unsuspecting areas. However, you should prioritize your garage sales by affluence. Pay attention to areas that are of greater economic status that have the largest concentration of garage sales. These are the areas you want to hit first. If there are a few areas you like that are close to each other this is a golden area because there will be a good concentration of sales and you will limit your gas expense.

The second way to garage sale is to take a look on Craig’s List, the newspaper, and other websites such as to determine your route. These are great tools to find lists of the garage sales in your area. I especially like to do this on Friday mornings or in the winter months when garage sales aren’t as abundant. Because many people give a description or even pictures of what they are selling, this is a great way to garage sale if you’re looking for something in particular. There are also some websites you can find that will allow you to enter in the addresses of yard sales and will map out a route for you! I have not found one yet that I am in love with because many of them can be hard to use. Your GPS can be helpful but can sometimes take you to the wrong place. I will let you know when I find one I like though!

I personally suggest you do a combination of both of these. Take a look at these websites that list garage sales. Are there any community sales or major fundraising sales that provide a large concentration in a small area? Are there any that interest you and list what you are looking for? These would be good to head to first thing on your garage sale morning. Garage sales are all about first come first serve so if there is something you think you might want or it just sounds like an awesome garage sale you want to be there first! Remember the good stuff goes fast!

So there you have it! Now get out and get started! If this was at all over whelming then just get out and start driving. See what you can find! The possibilities are endless!


C.J.'s Finds

Robin bought this tool box for $1. Little did she know that it was full of tools and hardware that would have been easily over $100 at full retail. There are drill bits, allen wrenches, and sockets of all sizes, along with a bunch of other tools like screw drivers, socket drivers, and a pipe threader. Granted, some of them look like they have been in that tool box for a while because they are all rusty but they will work just fine.

Total Cost: FREE!


This is an awesome little camping stove/griddle. On the recent deer hunt I went on we used a little stove like this a few times and I thought it was the easiest little camping stove that I had ever seen. Easy to use and easy to clean. I bought it for $5 and i literally cannot tell if it has been used at all cause it still has one of the tags on it. We found the exact same stove at Cabela's for $80! Click HERE to see it. Pretty excited for the next camping trip.


I didn't buy this lantern because I already have one but this was priced at $7.50 and came with the red plastic carry case to keep it from breaking. I have seen these al Walmart for as cheap as $30 but thats still great savings.

The Red plastic carrying case just hooks right on to the bottom.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Robin's Finds
Here are some of the items we found this week!

Cute denim shoes for Paisley for 1 dollar

Robin's deal of the day was this dress. I bought this dress from a women in her 70's who never wore it! She only wanted 50 cents for it!

Here is what I did with it

This old rusty tool box is another deal of the day for me. I bought it for a dollar and can't wait to show you what I am going to do with it!

How about this file cabinet project? I found the black filing cabinet at a garage sale for 5 dollars! Needs some cleaning but still a great deal!

How about this cute project mod podging scrapbook paper to an old dresser. This lady was asking 10 dollars for her old dresser but said she would go down to 5!

Check back soon for my "Getting started in the Garage sale World" where I will give you some tips and tricks on how to become an effective garage seller!