Tuesday, November 15, 2011


C.J.'s Finds

Robin bought this tool box for $1. Little did she know that it was full of tools and hardware that would have been easily over $100 at full retail. There are drill bits, allen wrenches, and sockets of all sizes, along with a bunch of other tools like screw drivers, socket drivers, and a pipe threader. Granted, some of them look like they have been in that tool box for a while because they are all rusty but they will work just fine.

Total Cost: FREE!


This is an awesome little camping stove/griddle. On the recent deer hunt I went on we used a little stove like this a few times and I thought it was the easiest little camping stove that I had ever seen. Easy to use and easy to clean. I bought it for $5 and i literally cannot tell if it has been used at all cause it still has one of the tags on it. We found the exact same stove at Cabela's for $80! Click HERE to see it. Pretty excited for the next camping trip.


I didn't buy this lantern because I already have one but this was priced at $7.50 and came with the red plastic carry case to keep it from breaking. I have seen these al Walmart for as cheap as $30 but thats still great savings.

The Red plastic carrying case just hooks right on to the bottom.


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