Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashion on a Dime

Financial stats for my outfit are:
Coral Bullhead Jeans- $6 at the D.I.
Floral shirt and belt- hand me down from a sister- Free!
Gold shoes- bought from a Buffalo Exchange in Texas so many years ago I don't really remember how much I paid for them. I think they were like $7 or $8 dollars.
Total outfit cost-$14
DPWF- $1.40

Kid's Corner

Here's another outfit of my girls!
Jeans-$3.99, jean ruffle shirt-$1.99, shoes-$2.99. All are from Savers
Total outfit cost- $9
DPWF- .90 cents!
Jeans-$1, pink and blue long sleeve shirt- $1 and shoes- .50 cents. All from garage sales!
Total outfit cost- 2.50
DPWF- .25 cents!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Watering Cans and Lollipops

Garage sales are a great way to find props to use in your photography!
For this photo session I used a set of three foam lollipops I found at a garage sale for $1 and some watering cans I also bought for $1 a piece and spray painted. I gathered a bunch of the little girls in my neighborhood and we all went out and had fun watering the flowers and pretending to lick lollipops!

Here are my favorite pictures

The little white watering cans I bought 3 for $2.

Even the flower pot came from a garage sale! I paid $3 dollars for it.

Paisley's little white dress and pink cardigan were bought at a garage sale!

I paid $2 for miss Jaysa's dress at a garage sale.

Even Mr. Ben had fun watering the flowers!
I had some bigger vintage watering cans but Ben was the only one strong enough to cary them when they were full of water. I bought them for about $5 a piece.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 24th 2012

Here's is what we got this week!
5 frames for $3, which makes them .60 cents a piece. I am going to mod podge scrapbook paper on these and put them in my girls rooms.
Antique high chair-$15. I will be repainting this and doing a photo session with it!

Easter is almost here!
I bought these for .50 cents a piece. I can't decide if I want to roll them in glitter or leave them the way they are. Everything looks better in glitter right?
Easter eggs and pink grass-.25 cents
Last year we came home from a little vacation the night before Easter. I didn't have time to get baskets ready before I left so at 2:00 a.m. I ran to Walmart to get stuff to fill my girls baskets. By that time everything was 50% off so I thought I was getting a pretty good deal but when I got up to the checkout stand my total was $30! I couldn't believe how much it cost to fill a little 10 inch diameter Easter basket! This year I have learned my lesson and I am collecting little things so that all I have to buy is candy!

Decorative Tile
C.J. and I want to redo all the bathrooms in our house. The guy selling these said he had about 90 of these decorative tile bars. He paid about $4 a tile for them. He wanted $25 for all of them which is a great deal. I was able to talk him down to $20, which means I would be getting each tile for .22 cents a piece! But C.J. was not sure he liked the tiles so I got his number and took a tile home with me so we could compare it to the other tiles we would be using in the bathrooms.
When you are redoing bathrooms and kitchen back splashes decorative tiles are fun and beautiful but they can seriously drive up the price of your renovation. If you can find decorative tiles you like at garage sales go for it! It will save you a lot of money in the long run!

brass candle holders- 1.50 a piece. I am helping a friend decorate her nursery so my plan is to spray paint these and put a pink candle on them and hopefully use them in her nursery!

size 6 little girls shoes for Paisley to grow into- .25 cents!
Bunch of baby clothes for my girls- .25 cents a piece
Pink and black zebra sweater for Jaysa- $1
two bags of floral foam- .25 cents for both of them. 12.5 cents a piece!
10 mason jars- .10 cents a piece. Total- $1 I have a plan for these!
New light fixture- $4. Here is the same one but just in a silver for $24 at Click here
Here is the old one I replaced it with! Much better!!!!!!!
standing hand towel holder- .50 cents. We are going to redo our master bath and may be adding in some medicine cabinets which means I wont have a ring to hold my hand towel. This is an easy fix to that problem!

Cute little plaid button downs for little boys. $1 each
bread box- $3 I almost bought this. It was so cute!
floor stand lamps- $5

HUGE gate. This lady wanted $50 for this which is WAY to high but the reason I am putting it on the blog is because my mom bought one just like this for $1 a few years ago! GREAT DEAL!

Sofa and love seat set. The lady only wanted $50 for the set!
thats $25 a piece!
They had just been cleaned too!
Little girls bows-$1
Here is a close up of my favorite ones

More cute girls bows!
These were $3 a piece.
I love these ones!
They had a whole bag of them -$3 a piece

Mircowave Sterilizer-$5
Its still in the packaging!
car seat cover for a little boy-$2
I found this one at another garage sale for -$2
This lady had 3 bags of really nice wood hangers. She wanted $10 a bag which I thought was high but I found an 8 pack of similar hangers at for 12.47. Click here
$5 dollars a piece!!! There is a little crack in the one on the right but still very nice for $5!

Coat hanger...
for $1!
Nintendo DS -$40
Looks like it was hardly used.

Ok here is something I am a little bitter about.
I LOVED these and wanted to buy them SOOOOO bad. I had plans for them to be the gate going around my garden. They wanted $15 a piece for them. If I was just buying one that would have been fine but I needed for like 8 or nine of them, which really starts to add up. I decided to take a chance and leave them and then come back after I was done with my route and see if they would take a lower offer.... They were all GONE! I was so sad. These would have been perfect for my garden! Sometimes you just have to take the chance of leaving something behind and sometimes it works out to your advantage and sometimes it doesn't. This time it didn't and I don't know if I will ever find anything else like this again.
Dog kennel- $20
cute pot- $1
Baby changing table-$20! This would have been so cute painted but it was already sold!

Brand new kids P.J's-$1

T.V. for $1! I know these are old dinasours by now but for a new wed couple that doesn't have anything this would have been a great deal. I keep one of these old T.V.'s in my kids playroom so they can watch all the Disney VHS movies I have bought them at garage sales for .50 cents a piece. Beats buying them on DVD! I would have spent hundreds trying to get them all on DVD.
Barney DVD's- $2 a piece
Baby swing in great condition-$50
Does anyone collect these little Christmas village houses? I have a friend that does. The lady had three tables full of these and wanted $10 a piece. I think she would have gone down on them too cause it was pretty late in the day!
Crystal candle holders- $1 a piece. I just bought some at D.I. for 1.5o. I over paid!
5 boxes of laminate wood flooring- $15 a box.
Here is something else I really wanted to buy. We want to redo all the bathrooms in our house. This antique dresser has been converted into a bathroom vanity. How cute would this be in my girls bathroom painted white with crystal knobs! It didn't sell so I got the ladies number and I am trying to talk her down right now. We will see!