Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Paparazzi Fashion Jewelry by Celeste

Here is something else I found over the weekend that I thought was worth sharing. Saturday I ran across Celeste and her husband's garage sale. Celeste is an independent consultant of Paparazzi Jewelry. Saturday her and her husband decided to pull out all of their Fashion Jewelry along with all of their garage sale items. Everything was so cute and so cheap! Everything is only $5!!!!
Here are of few of the pictures I took while at their garage sale.


These were so cute!
I love them!
So cute!


Horrible picture but so many cute hair pieces!

They also had earrings and necklaces and it was all $5! I seriously don't think you can even make your own hair bows and headbands for this cheap! And you save yourself the time!

Here are a few more pictures I pulled off their facebook page that are much better than what I took on my iphone.

Head on over to their facebook page for details and dates on parties and how to buy accessories!


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