Saturday, October 13, 2012

Show & Tell Saturday

Here is another Show & Tell Saturday! Here is Jennifer from One Thrifty Chick to show us the cutest hutch she redid!I would LOVE to feature YOUR thrifty project here on my Saturday Show & Tell. If you have a project that you think will work email me at
 It's been about a year since I snagged this beauty  diamond in the rough at my local thrift store!   I brought it into the space in the middle of the winter, so I simply put it to use trying to ignore the "old" factor.

I snagged this baby for $70, but wait! It gets better.... it was on half price special!!  After zero hesitation, I walked ran to the register and screamed... I WANT IT!!!   $35?!?!?   Crazy right?

It sat until I discovered Chalk Paint!  I realized I didn't to tape everything off, and that I could paint it in place!   Score!  So this past weekend I got to work. 

First to start clearing it out.

Which left heaps of very pretty and colorful dishes on my kitchen table.   I could stare at them forever, but let's move on....

I did bring in my painters tarp to protect my flooring.  But I will be honest, I can't stand that floor and am anxiously awaiting the day we get to rip in out. 

And I got to work painting.  I used my DIY Chalk Paint recipe, along with Behr Creamy White flat paint.  It took me 2 coats to get the coverage I was after.  I finished it off with Annie Sloan clear wax.

I left the back blank for a reason... onto that in a minute. When choosing the color I was really wanting to go with a fun color to pop against my walls.  

But being that I am a Fiestaware collecting fool, I chose white so that my dishes were the "pop" of color.   However I did not want a plain old boring white nothing to it hutch.... thus leading us to the next step!

CON-TACT Paper!!!!   I found some amazing choices of this fun self adhesive shelf liner, but went with a more classic approach.  Also a neutral color to help with the fore mentioned "pop" of color.

Here she is!  I chose to keep the original hardware to give it the shabby appeal.  

Check out the POP!!!  :)  I'm loving every.single.detail on this piece!

It was a quick post, but I truly want to thank you for stopping by!!!   Don't forget to check out all of the parties I like to link up to by clicking here!


 What an Amazing transformation! Great job and Thank You for sharing with us! I would LOVE to feature YOUR thrifty project here on my Saturday Show & Tell. If you have a project that you think will work email me at

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 6th 2012

This week I again did not get to go garage saleing! I feel like I have not been in forever! This week C.J. ran the St. George Marathon. Watching people finish a marathon is something I get so emotional over! I wear sunglasses just so I can cry without people knowing! HA! Last year when my husband ran I balled uncontrollably when I watch one man cross the finish line. I wish I had the picture they put in the paper of him but it's at my husbands office and am on my way out of town so this will have to do for now. This is C.J. after running.
Here is what I wrote about it last year on my personal blog.

Watching some of the first people cross the finish line is something I will never forget. Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched the expressions on peoples face and watched their physical struggle to get to the finish line. I especially got emotional when I could tell that someone's body was shutting down but they continued to tell their legs to keep moving and again when I saw other runners come to a runners side who was about to pass out yet refused to give up till they reached their goal. I saw one runner who's body just kept getting lower and lower to the ground but he wouldn't let his legs stop moving. I thought there was no way he was going to make it until a man behind him grabbed his arm and held him up helping him to finish the race. I wish I could give a discription of his movements. It was almost like a baby horse that was first learning to walk and was taking wobbley exagerated steps and stubbling all at the same time. I cried when they crossed the finish line because the struggling runner's body just collasped and the other runner just held him up and spoke to him until the paramedics could get to him. If you have never watched anything like this it is hard to imagine. All I could think about was how we look like the struggling runner at times when we feel that we can't go any further in life and how the lord comes to our side to aid us. He does not take the burden from us but helps to hold us up to make our burden bearable so that we can make it to our finish line. I have a new respect for people that truly give all they have to accomplish something like this and hope that when I am struggling with something in life I can remember this experince to remind me that after I have given my everything the lord will help me the rest of the way.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Savers Trip

I am at my parents house in Las Vegas for a few days while my husband is working so of course I had to head to Savers! I wasn't looking for anything inparticular but I found some amazing things! Most of it was not in my size so I was a bit sad but I took pictures so I could show all of you!
Someone with the cutest style and the smallest foot donated a bunch of the cutest shoes! 
Love these grey heels!
Seriously?!?! This ruffle is so cute!
I am in Love!!!!! 
I was so sad when I was trying all of these on! They were all about a half a size too small! I felt like Cinderella's big footed step sister!!! UGH! SO MAD!

These ones were too big

Oh, and how I wish I had a little boy!!!!

I was hoping these would fit Paisley but they were too small! They were only $4 dollars!

I also saw LOTS of Hollister T's for those tweens and teenage girls. They were only $3 dollars!!!

I also came so close to buying these Victoria Secret T's

 I did however get lucky enough to walked out of the store with these MEK jeans for $12.99!
Find your nearest Savers HERE!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Help out the Re Store!

Do you love the Re-Store as much as I do?!?!?! Here is an opportunity to help them out. Chamberlin is a company that manufactures garage door openers. They are having an event they are calling "Garage Sale for Good" It's not really a garage sale but since I love the Re-Store so much I have agree to make a small post about their event.  If you "Like" their facebook page they will donate $1 to the Re-Store! Here is the link to their facebook page! If you don't know what the Re-Store is you are really missing out! The Re-Store is a second hand store for building materials. They accept donations of new and gently-used home improvement goods, furniture, home accessories, building materials and appliances. The Re-Store sells those items to the public at a fraction of the retail price. The proceeds of those sells go to help build homes for the Habitat for Humanity programs so you are also donating money! Here is the link to find your nearest Re-Store.