Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 6th 2012

This week I again did not get to go garage saleing! I feel like I have not been in forever! This week C.J. ran the St. George Marathon. Watching people finish a marathon is something I get so emotional over! I wear sunglasses just so I can cry without people knowing! HA! Last year when my husband ran I balled uncontrollably when I watch one man cross the finish line. I wish I had the picture they put in the paper of him but it's at my husbands office and am on my way out of town so this will have to do for now. This is C.J. after running.
Here is what I wrote about it last year on my personal blog.

Watching some of the first people cross the finish line is something I will never forget. Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched the expressions on peoples face and watched their physical struggle to get to the finish line. I especially got emotional when I could tell that someone's body was shutting down but they continued to tell their legs to keep moving and again when I saw other runners come to a runners side who was about to pass out yet refused to give up till they reached their goal. I saw one runner who's body just kept getting lower and lower to the ground but he wouldn't let his legs stop moving. I thought there was no way he was going to make it until a man behind him grabbed his arm and held him up helping him to finish the race. I wish I could give a discription of his movements. It was almost like a baby horse that was first learning to walk and was taking wobbley exagerated steps and stubbling all at the same time. I cried when they crossed the finish line because the struggling runner's body just collasped and the other runner just held him up and spoke to him until the paramedics could get to him. If you have never watched anything like this it is hard to imagine. All I could think about was how we look like the struggling runner at times when we feel that we can't go any further in life and how the lord comes to our side to aid us. He does not take the burden from us but helps to hold us up to make our burden bearable so that we can make it to our finish line. I have a new respect for people that truly give all they have to accomplish something like this and hope that when I am struggling with something in life I can remember this experince to remind me that after I have given my everything the lord will help me the rest of the way.

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