Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Savers Trip

I am at my parents house in Las Vegas for a few days while my husband is working so of course I had to head to Savers! I wasn't looking for anything inparticular but I found some amazing things! Most of it was not in my size so I was a bit sad but I took pictures so I could show all of you!
Someone with the cutest style and the smallest foot donated a bunch of the cutest shoes! 
Love these grey heels!
Seriously?!?! This ruffle is so cute!
I am in Love!!!!! 
I was so sad when I was trying all of these on! They were all about a half a size too small! I felt like Cinderella's big footed step sister!!! UGH! SO MAD!

These ones were too big

Oh, and how I wish I had a little boy!!!!

I was hoping these would fit Paisley but they were too small! They were only $4 dollars!

I also saw LOTS of Hollister T's for those tweens and teenage girls. They were only $3 dollars!!!

I also came so close to buying these Victoria Secret T's

 I did however get lucky enough to walked out of the store with these MEK jeans for $12.99!
Find your nearest Savers HERE!

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