Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bargain Hunting

I had a personal post scheduled for today but haven't finished writing it so I went with plan B, which was a Fashion on a Dime post. BUT Plan B didn't workout either though because the Photoshop Gods HATE ME!!!!!!!! My pictures are showing up blurry when I upload them to the blog. Anybody else have that problem and can tell me how to fix it???? 

So HERE is Plan C! These are a few of the fun things I have picked up at garage sales or thrifting lately.

 I found these really cool of Salt and Pepper shakers at D.I. for 2.50 a piece
Found this cute handbag at a garage sale for $5!

 Found this for .50 at a garage sale.

Wall embellishment also .50 cents at a garage sale. No idea what I will do with it but I am sure I will find something!

 I am in LOVE with this little thing!!!! I need a 6 month old to take pictures of in this! I think I am going to start accepting photography clients. Any volunteers???? Email me at

I have a confession.....There was a point and time in my life when I really loved to spend a lot of money on matching bedroom sets. Not anymore. We spent 1,500 dollars on my daughters bedroom set. Today I would rather  sell the expensive things, buy furniture from a garage sale and give it all a new look of my own.
To replace my daughters bedroom set, I picked up this Double sized headboard for her room for $10 dollars.

I also found this night stand for $5! Can't wait to get some paint on it!
And finally, the dresser I have been looking for,
for months! I found this one for $35 dollars!

Hope you are all having a good evening and I should have my personal post up either Sunday or next week!!!

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Old Trunk Re-purposed

As I was looking back through pictures
in my iphoto, I found some pictures I could not resist posting. I found this trunk at a garage sale for $3 dollars and fell in LOVE. I used it in a Mint and gold bed set I redid. You can find the tutorial on the stencil in the link on the line above.

To add legs on the trunk we bought wood legs at Lowes and painted them white. If I am remembering right these were about $3 dollars each. 

C.J. then took a large screw and screwed through the bottom of the trunk into the wood leg and VIOLA! It was ready to sell...BUT....

Before I sold it I took it out and took some pictures of Jaysa sitting on it.

I wasn't every good at centering my pictures back then. Oh well this is still the cutest picture ever!! I am so sad she has grown up so fast!

Jaysa's outfit is also from a garage sale.
White shirt- $1 at a garage sale
Jean skirt-.50 cents at a garage sale
Cowgirl boots-$3 dollars at a garage sale