Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bargain Hunting

I had a personal post scheduled for today but haven't finished writing it so I went with plan B, which was a Fashion on a Dime post. BUT Plan B didn't workout either though because the Photoshop Gods HATE ME!!!!!!!! My pictures are showing up blurry when I upload them to the blog. Anybody else have that problem and can tell me how to fix it???? 

So HERE is Plan C! These are a few of the fun things I have picked up at garage sales or thrifting lately.

 I found these really cool of Salt and Pepper shakers at D.I. for 2.50 a piece
Found this cute handbag at a garage sale for $5!

 Found this for .50 at a garage sale.

Wall embellishment also .50 cents at a garage sale. No idea what I will do with it but I am sure I will find something!

 I am in LOVE with this little thing!!!! I need a 6 month old to take pictures of in this! I think I am going to start accepting photography clients. Any volunteers???? Email me at

I have a confession.....There was a point and time in my life when I really loved to spend a lot of money on matching bedroom sets. Not anymore. We spent 1,500 dollars on my daughters bedroom set. Today I would rather  sell the expensive things, buy furniture from a garage sale and give it all a new look of my own.
To replace my daughters bedroom set, I picked up this Double sized headboard for her room for $10 dollars.

I also found this night stand for $5! Can't wait to get some paint on it!
And finally, the dresser I have been looking for,
for months! I found this one for $35 dollars!

Hope you are all having a good evening and I should have my personal post up either Sunday or next week!!!

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  1. You found some great things! I just love the name of your blog, cute! :o) My mom and I are heading out to some garage sales this morning, can't wait to see what we find!


  2. Great Finds! Would love for you to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays this week! New Follower.

  3. I am a garage sale lover myself. I am looking for the same dresser you found. And for the same price. ;) I am enjoying looking around your site. I was hoping to link up here today. Is your party on Saturdays?

  4. I am a thrifty gal myself and I love these finds! The handbag is really cute.

  5. I LOVE that nightstand! If you ever don't want it, I will drive to St. George to take it off your hands. Ha.