Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIY Wedding Archway

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED all the wedding archways I had seen on Pinterest.
I wanted to create something similar for my brothers reception so that they could have some thing beautiful to stand under. Of course mine doesn't look as pretty because the indoor lighting is less flattering but it was still very beautiful in person. This type of archway can get a little pricey but we got really lucky and were able to borrow some VERY long pieces of muslin fabric from a friend. If you are not as lucky shop around online to find something cheap. How much fabric you need really depends on how high your ceilings are and how high you are planning to make your arch. You will probably need a MINIMUM of 20-25+ yards of fabric. We probably used double that. After we drapped our fabric through the wreaths the first time I stood back and didn't like it because the fabric was so thin it looked like a limp noodle hanging there. To help give our fabric more volume we actually draped another  piece of fabric that was probably close to 25-30 yards through the wreaths. If fabric is too expensive you could also use the same material we used to cover our chairs with. It's a white plastic that comes on a roll. It looks almost just like fabric. In fact, I had to walk up to it and touch it before I realized it was a plastic. My mom bought hers from Party City. They have a roll of 250ft on their webisite for $26.99. Click HERE to see it. I also had a friend that bought some on Shop Wild Things for her daughters wedding. She used it to drape across the food tables. You could also use this material as a table cloth too if you were in a pinch.  I could not find it on the Shop Wild Things website but I bet if you called an associate they could help you locate it.

To make your arch you will first want to make sure you have the height to be able to do this. We used three wreaths to help us make our archway. The middle of our top wreath was proably somewhere around 10 feet tall. and the two lowers wreaths and draped fabric was between 8-9 feet. We made our wreaths to help keep our cost down. Head HERE for a tutorial on how we made them.

Now I will explain how we hung our wreaths. To be honest, we did this the hard way.  My mom really didn't want us to screw any hooks into the dryway so we had to get creative.  An easier way to create this arch would be to paint 3 different hooks and screw them into the ceiling.Then you would attach wires to your hooks and loop your wreaths on them at your desired heights and distance.  I swear whenever I am involved we always have to do things the hard way. Here is how we did ours.

If you look in the picture above you will see that my parents have a crown molding trim that finishes off a ledge to some small planter shelves. We screwed in some tiny hooks into the back of the crown molding and attached clear weed eater wire to it.  We had originally planned to use fishing line but we were afraid it wouldn't hold because of the weight. After attaching the wire on one side we then ran the wire through our middle wreath. We wrapped it around the top of the wreath three times to make sure the wreath wouldn't pull more in one direction. We then strung the other side of the wire onto the hook in the back or our crown molding on the other side of the room. After that we took our two smaller wreaths and attached them on either side of our middle wreath by tieing wires to our original wire that was holding our center wreath and looped them trhough the smaller wreaths. You will really have to be patient with this process. It can be hard to get the wreath at the right height. After we had the wreaths at the same height we noticed our smaller outside wreaths were turning inward slightly. We made a simple easy fix by tieing another clear wire to the outside of the wreaths and conntecting it to my parents curtain rods. After our wreaths were up draped our fabric through the wreath by feeding through the back side of the wreath first. We piled andy excess fabric on the ground. 
And like that you have an awesome archway for your Bride and Groom to stand under! I really wish I had some better pictures of this. These pictures did not do it justice!


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