Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIY Walk Way Wedding Signs

For my brothers wedding I wanted to have signs that led up the sidewalk to the front door. After my sister-in-law found us 30 pallet boards for free I had all the wood I would need to do this.

To begin we had to cut our wood off the pallet board. We actually tried prying off the boards from the pallet first but the wood was a bit brittle and broke easily. By just using a sawzall we were able to just cut off the pieces we needed without worrying about them breaking. We also didn't have to worry about trying to take nails out.
We made our signs about 12 inches long and 4 boards high
C.J. laid the boards on the ground with the good side down. Then he took a fifth board placed is vertical on top of the boards and nailed it in. We made our signs front and back. In hind sight we really didn't need to do that because no one saw the backside of our sign. What you do depends on if people will see the back of your sign. If they will you will want to get some rope, thick twine or whatever you want your signs hanging with and attach it before you put the back boards on. If you don't do this step now it will be really hard to get the rope on later. Attach the back just like you did the front but place the board on top of your cross board face up.

Here is what our signs looked like before painting them
I wanted the boards to have a white washed look so we took a crummy paint brush dipped it in our paint and lightly brushed the paint over the board.

Here is what they looked like after paint. After we had all our signs painted I had my sister, who is an amazing artist, use a perminate marker and write our quotes on our signs.
Then we just traced her letter with teal paint. After our signs were done a concensus was reached that the letters needed to be outlined so they we outlined with a perminate marker.

I also had C.J. make me a really big sign that we displayed on an easle.

Because we used pallet boards and paint that I already had these signs were FREE!!!! This is a great cheap way to dress up any walk way on a budget!

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  1. Awesome! I am planning my sister’s wedding and these are perfect. I can place it outside one of the San Francisco wedding venues that I will be finalizing for the wedding day. This is unique and pocket friendly idea. I am going to share this with my brother so that he just starts getting the material and we get on it.