Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIY Monogramed Moss Letter

When I was deciding how I wanted to decorate my Mom's fireplace for my brother's up coming wedding, I knew I wanted to have the letter of the couple's last name hanging over the mirror of fireplace. My only problem was that this is a pretty big mirror, which meant that I needed a big letter. I knew I wouldn't be able to find a letter of this size in the store and even if I did our wedding budget wouldn't be able to afford it. So I came up with the idea to cut my letter our of card board and cover is with moss. You could cover your cardboard letter with so many different things but I knew I wanted mine to be green to match my moss rock vases.

First you will want to decide how big you want your letter. If you can print your letter off the computer, cut it out and trace it on your card board that would be easiest. I needed my letter to be bigger than my computer could print out so I typed in "letter R" in google image and found an R I like and used it as my example as I drew my letter. The pictures I am using in this tutorial are actually from when we did an & moss sign for the couples engagements but they will still help me to explain. 

My sister is an awesome artist so instead of messing with my parents "grandpa" computer I had her draw we up and & sign really quick.

After you have your image on your cardboard take scissors or a knife and slowly cut out your letter.
After you have your letter cut out you will take a glue gun and start applying your sheet moss. The easiest way to do this is to probably glue your sheet moss right on top of your letter and then cut around the letter. I bought my sheet moss at Walmart. I am sure you can probably find it in the floral section of any craft store.
Depending on where you letter is going you may also want to wrap the side and back of your letter. With my R being against the mirror I could see the reflection of the cardboard on the back. Because I was running out of time I just quickly took some tape and taped it to the mirror. Ghetto fabulous!, but it worked for the time being.

Here is our and sign in the engagement pictures!


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