Monday, March 5, 2012

Birthday Pictures

Ok so here is a pictures that I put on the blog a few weeks earlier. My girls both had birthday's recently. Jaysa's was at the end of January and Paisley's was on Valentines day. I never did one year old pictures with Jaysa cause I just didn't have the money to pay a photographer and it is something I have regretted. Now that I have my own camera and I am really learned and studying up on how to use it I can do my own! I LOVE this picture and decided I would do something similar but put my own twist on it. One thing I really loved about this picture was the hard wood flooring but I don't have any in my house so what I did was find a box of hardwood flooring at a garage sale and lay it right on top of my carpet to make it look like I had the hard wood flooring.
Here is the box I bought. I paid $10 for it. I checked online and these were around $30 a box.
In my pictures I also wanted really cute pink cake platter. I looked and looked at D.I. and garage sales and couldn't find what I wanted. After talking to a friend she suggested I find a candle holder and plate and glue them together...GENIUS! So off the D.I. I went and here is what I found.
I wish I would have taken seperate pictures of the candle holder and plate but you get the idea. Just set the plate on top of your candle holder. Then I took some valspar spray paint and painted them.
I also made onsies with my girls's ages on them, tutus, birthday hats, a fondant cake and tissues paper pom poms for the background of my pictures. I will have links for those tutorials at the end of this post.
Here are my pictures

I took these pictures in my daughters room. Here is my scene so you have an idea of how I accomplished this.

I also took birthday pictures of one of my friends little girls using the same birthday stuff I used on my girls. Except this time we took everything outside! I LOVED the way these turned out outside!
Technically the only thing from a garage sale in these pictures is the onesie and the thread I used to sew the number on but, Hey that still counts, Right?

To learn how to make any of the props I used click on any of the following links:


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