Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Using Garage Sales to Help Provide Entertainment for the Family

Garage sales are a great way to find cheap, fun activities for your family.
Wether it's providing your children with new toys like this 6ft floor piano you have to jump on to make the keys play
or craft activities such as playdough.
Garage sales will help you provide affordable entertainment for you and your family. I paid $2 dollars for the piano and it had never been opened I also paid $2 dollars for 16 tubs of play dough Some of which also had never been opened

Here's another fun idea!
C.J. and I thought it would be fun to take our girls out sledding this year. We gathered our snow sleds we found at garage sales last year put on our snow suits also found at garage sales and headed for the mountain.

Me, C.J., and our girls Jaysa and Paisley. I found my snow pants at goodwill for $6!!!! They are such a cute color too I also found my snow boots at savers for $7.99
C.J. and Paisley. C.J.'s hat is from a garage sale and he found his pants at Savers for $9.99.
All of Paisley's snow clothes are from garage sales! Her snow pants I bought for $5! I don't really remember what I spent on the rest of her outfit but it wasn't more than a few bucks

Jaysa was obviously not impressed with the snow Jaysa's Jackets, beanie, gloves and boots are from a garage sale.
C.J. about to sled down the hill on one of our garage sale sleds. We bought two single man sleds for $2.50 a piece! All the foam snow sleds I looked up on were $30.00 and over!

Jaysa was not a fan of sledding either

Paisley didn't seem to mind it.
We also took Jaysa's old kitty pool that had a hole in it out there. It sounded like a fun idea but good thing I only paid $5 dollars for it at a garage sale because it didn't last very long!

We had such a fun day sledding and made lots of fun memories!


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