Monday, March 12, 2012

March 10th, 2012

I didn't really buy much but here is what I found this week!
Little Barbie bike for Jaysa- $5
baby stroller-$1.50
Here is Jaysa with a little baby stroller I bought for her a few years ago. I paid .50 cents for it and it has been her favorite toy all of these years. I seriously think it's been the best .50 cents I have ever spent. Paisley and Jaysa are always fighting over it but now that we have two they can each have one!
Paisley already LOVES it!
One sheet of tin- $.50 cents! At your Home improvement store these come two in a package and are somewhere around $20! Hopefully I can use this one in a project.
cute pair of 5t skinny jeans for Jaysa next year.

Beautiful coffee table -$80
Still in box Leap Pad book. Too bad they didn't have the leap pad.

Oh but look! I found the leap pad at the next garage sale for $2!

Cute dressups for boys and girls are so easy to find at garage sales. They had all kids of princess dresses and batman, spiderman and even star wars costumes at this garage sale. This one was $1. Buying them at garage sales can save you a lot of money because they are incredibly expensive in the stores!

I was so close to buying this. The guy only want $50 for it. It obviously needed a little TLC but the bones were in great condition and it was a great quality of wood. I decided I needed to finish some of my other projects before starting a new one.

Large pink plate $2. I didn't know what I would have done with it so I didn't buy it but it was very tempting!

Cute little princess bike $10
Cute skirt!
I LOVED this onesie. If I was having another baby I would have bought it!
Cutest baby bedding! It came with a skirt, bumpers and a blanket. I forgot to ask how much it was. Sorry!
Entertainment center $150!

Crib $50!
Brand new Circo shoes-$1
They had boxes and boxes of these! Most of them were still in the packaging! All were $1
Boys bike $10

Family Home evening board-$3
Cream leather couch and chair for $75

ties for $1. I love the pink and blue one!
Complete home gym $150
Cute home decor $20. Way to much in my opinion but it's always worth a try trying to talk them down!
Nice dinning room table with 4 chairs $200
cute wreath holder- $3
Wrought iron embellishment-$20 Again way too much but it was close to the end of the day and you could have asked them to go lower on it.


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