Thursday, March 15, 2012

Surprise bathroom Reno

Every once in a while my husband gets this productive itch. He almost becomes like a tornado of energy (no he is not on drugs). It often comes on suddenly and is sometimes unstoppable. The last time he got "The Itch" he started tearing out the nasty old linoleum in our daughters bathroom. That time I managed to redirect his attention before he got too far.
Most of the time this productive itch is great but I didn't want to start on the bathroom just yet because we couldn't agree on our plans for it.

Tonight he got "The Itch" again and I couldn't stop him this time. Looks like we are headed for a bathroom reno!
He pulled out the old laminate counter top and cabinet and replaced it with this beauty. We found this granite counter top vanity at a garage sale a few months back for $40 dollars!

Here is our before picture. Such an amazing difference already! Now to tackle the rest of the bathroom....To Be Continued.....

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  1. love a bathroom redo on a budget! We just moved into our new home and have 2 bathrooms to redo. I can't wait to get started. I redid this bathroom just weeks before we moved out...(we rented to the house and I knew we were moving) On ours I might spend $30 LOL!