Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 3, 2012

Here is what I found this week that you men might have found interest in!
4 tires with rims for a 2008 Ford Truck- $450
Pretty nice Dremel scroll saw for $20
Circular saw for $20 with the case.
20x10 wheels 6 lug. They wanted $700 or OBO for them.
For you men out there that like to cook. Brand new pressure cooker for $15
Brand new fan for the shop- $15
Grill cover -$5
Brand new extension cords. He wanted anywhere from $5 to $15 on these. They had a nail gun and other tools as well for pretty cheap.
Smoker- $15. I bought one a lot like this one for C.J. about 2 or 3 years ago and paid $17 for it and we have loved it!
Nice fishing poles. Good fishing equipment always goes really fast.

Here is one of C.J.'s fishing poles we found him at a garage sale
A year ago we bought him a fishing rod and reel like this one for his birthday. He had really been wanting a bait-caster. We bought one from Walmart for 70 bucks which was pretty cheap for the one he got. That weekend while garage selling he found this one and bought it for 15. This one is much nicer and $55 dollars cheaper!
This is an Abu Garcia bait caster
Hunting Bow for $30. I know this one isn't very nice but I just wanted to show that they are out there. I have actually seen quite a few while garage saleing and some have been really nice.
Here is C.J.'s bow we bought for him at a garage sale a while back.
C.J. was always wanting to get into bow hunting but never wanted to spend all the money for a new bow and all the equipment and not have it work out so I bought this bow at a yard sale for under $30. He had to get a few things for it but has not spent near $100 and has been on elk hunts two years in a row with this bow.
High Country Bow


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