Monday, March 5, 2012

Tissue Pom Pom Tutorial


For this tutorial you will need:
one to two packages of tissue paper
craft wire
Something to hang your pom pom with (I used fishing line)

I could not believe how easy and cheap these tissue pom poms were to make! The big blue pom pom cost me $2 dollars and the small one cost me $1. I read a tutorial on the Martha Stweart website but I wanted mine to be a little bit more full than the pom pom they had. I followed all the same directions except I added another package of tissue paper. Here is how I did mine.
I bought two packages of blue tissue paper at Walmart for .97 cents each.
Then I laid them out flat.
and began to fold them like I was making a paper fan. Making one fold forward and one fold backward or as the Martha Stewart website called it an "accordian fold."
Take your second package of tissue paper and do the same. After you have both packages of tissue paper folded like a paper fan lay them on top of each other.

Then you will take some craft wire and twist it around the middle to secure it. If you are going to be hanging your pom pom this would also be the time to attach your string, ribbon or wire to your pom pom. I used some fishing line from one of my husbands fishing poles :0 shhhhh!
After you do that you will cut the ends off, rounding them like the picture shows.
Next you will begin to seperate your layers of tissue paper.
Bring your top layer of tissue paper all the way out to the front.
Continue shapeing your pom pom until all the layers are seperated and you have a nice and full pom pom ball.

If you want a smaller pom pom you will follow the same directions except once you have your tissue paper folded like a paper fan you will cut in half.
Then you will lay both sides on top of each other and twist your craft wire around it to secure it. After you have secured your tissue paper with your craft wire you will also need to add your ribbon, fishing line, or whatever you are hanging it with.
Now you will begin to seperate your layers just like you did with the bigger pom pom ball.
To attach these to the ceiling I just tied my fishing line around a screw and screwed it into the ceiling.

Here is a closer look at the pom poms! In this photo session we took out pom poms outside! I loved the look they gave!

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