Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 7th 2012

Here is what C.J. found!
This would be C.J.'s Deal of the Day. We just recently bought an older boat off craigslist. It just had a regular trailer jack on it and he wanted to get one of these that had a wheel on it so he could move it in and out of the garage by hand. He has been looking at these online since we bought the boat and found this one at a garage sale for $10! He put it on right when we got home because he was so excited.
Here is the same one at for $32.88. We saved $22!

The shotgun was $250, the black 22 was her little boys and was $75 and the Colt 45 pistol was $800. A little high for the pistol but I'm sure a deal could have been made.

Wet weather hunting boots. $60
Price a little high for a garage sale but still saving about 40 or 50 bucks buying at a garage sale rather than retail.
Bow case- $5
Airsoft guns, glasses and plastic bb's. He wanted $25 a piece for these but they were brand new and came with a laser. Im sure he would have made a deal but I just didn't ask.
Nice set of golf clubs- $200
This was a really nice spotting scope that came with a tripod and case- $300. I know this sounds high to some of you but these are extremely expensive. I bet she would have gone down too! Here is one I found on for $729! And thats just the scope without the tripod and case!
Arm guard for shooting a bow.
C.J. bought his at a garage sale for $1!
Fishing gear
shower arm -$3


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