Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 7, 2012

Here is what we found this week!
Little summer dress for Paisley- $1
Another light fixture- $2.
We are almost done updating all our light fixtures!
Pot for the garden- $2
silver sparkly scrapbook letters- .50 cents.
It said $1 on it but I asked her to go down to .50 cents.
two cans of spray paint- .50 cents a piece!
Porcelain Easter bunnies- .50 cents.
Ok, I know these are a little goofy but I have a plan for them. My post about it will be a little bit after Easter but it will be so cute!
stuffed animals- .25 cents a piece.
Two of them still have the tags! My girls were so excited when I handed these to them! They LOVE their stuffed animals and think the more the merrier! When they are a quarter a piece I can afford to let them have as many as they want.
I found another antique high chair! You don't find these very often and I have found two in the last month! This one was $7! After I bought the first one I couldn't decided what color I wanted to paint it because I wanted to be able to put girls and boys in the seat. I really wanted to do it red but didn't think it would be as cute when I wanted to take pictures of girls. Now I can paint one red and one pink!
DVD's for $1!
That's better than Red Box! Red box went up so it was cheaper and you actually get to keep it! I bought Seven Pounds and Blood Diamond. Just remember to always open the case to make sure the movie is in there and that it's not too scratched up. These are both great movies, which meant movie night for us!!!!!
We watched Seven Pounds and of course I BALLED my eyes out!
Don't you love C.J.'s smile!!!

Dream and Believe signs- $2
This outdoor furniture padding is so cute! I forgot to ask though. The man was very reasonable in his prices though so I can't imagine they were too much!

Pot's all between $2-$5 dollars
Dresser and two night stands.
When I asked the guy how much he wanted for the dresser and two night stands he said "Oh, I don't know, what do you think like $20 for all of it?" When you have a seller that says this that means they usually don't have any attachment to the item and are willing to let it go for cheap. ALWAYS, ALWAYS ask the seller to go down when they say something like this!
These would have been a cute little redo but one of the drawers was a little hard to open and C.J. wasn't sure he could fix it so I passed it up. If I was going to buy these I would have offered the man $10. If he thought that was too cheap I would have come up to $15 and I am almost positive he would have taken that.
Cute back packs for your kids- $5!
Decorative wall boxes still in box - $3

Games- anywhere from $1-$3 dollars.
When my niece was going through all of her radiation and chemo treatments I bought her lots of games at garage sales and sent them to her each week to try to give her something to look forward to. Sometimes this can be risky because it's so easy to loose pieces. Just make sure to check the box and make sure all the pieces are there. If you don't have time to check the box look to see if it was kept in good shape and if the loose pieces are in bags or anything. This is usually a good sign that the game was take care.
White lights, still in the box- $2 dollars a piece.
Brand new boots- $65.
Boots are so expensive! You can spend several hundred dollars on one pair of boots!
These are expensive for a garage sale but a good deal if your planning on buying boots anyway.

Kathy Purses

$5 dollars a piece

Cool fun chair. I have never seen a chair like this. Eventually I would love to learn to reapolster something and if today was that day this would have been fun but right now I don't feel like I can take that one. One day I will!
Water storage-$10 a piece!
These are great for your food storage and he had several more.
Here are some fun Nerf guns for the kids. The big ones they wanted $40 for the big ones, which in my opinion was a little high but the smaller guns were $1 to $2 dollars. Thats a much better price.

Craft Garage Sale! Garage sales are a great way to find crafting items for cheap!
Cute vinyl sayings and quote for -$2!
There were boxes and boxes for Stampin up products!
They were anywhere from $3 to $5 dollars.
Stampin rollers for .50 cents
The ink pads were a few dollars a piece.
They also had packages of scrapbook paper for $3!
storage jars-$2
I was in a show room the other day and saw a laundry room I loved and they used jars like these for storage and decoration. Here it is
I would love to redo my laundry room like this. If I get to I will be collecting jars like these at garage sales for cheap!

Large pot- $3
Here is a yard sale with just baby girl clothes! So many clothes!


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