Friday, April 13, 2012

Kids's Corner

I know Spring has arrived but here in Utah we still have a few cold days every once in a while so here are a few last winter outfits before we move on to warmer weather!

Does anyone remember when I bought this cute little sweater a few weeks ago?
Here is Jaysa in it! Click here to see what else I found that week!
I bought her sweater for $1, her black leggings for .50 cents and her black shoes for .50 cents. All of them are from garage sales! Her total outfit cost is $2!!! DPWF of .20 cents!
For this outfit I spent a total of $7 dollars. Jaysa's purple pants were $3.99 from Savers, her shoes were $1.99 from Savers and her shirt was $1 from a garage sale. DPWF if .70 cents!

I love this picture of Paisley!
Her vest I bought a few weeks back and paid .50 cents for it. Her jeans were $1 from a garage sale and her little pink sandals were .50 cents. Her hot pink long sleeve shirt I bought in a Down East clearance sell for $3!!
Her total outfit cost is $5. DPWF is .50 cents!

Paisley is wearing the same jeans and hot pink sandals from the picture above. Her shirt was $1 at a garage sale making her total outfit cost $2.50 and DPWF .25 cents!
I couldn't help myself. I had to put both of these pictures on
It wouldn't be a picture of Paisley without a goofy face!
I bought Paisley vest for .25 cents!!!!!! Click here to see all the other clothes I bought along with the vest. Her red ruffled onesie is a Baby Gap onesie. I bought it at Kid to Kid but I can't really remember how much I paid for it. I remember that it was more than I wanted to spend but I needed a cute red onesie at the time so I forked out the money. I believe I paid around $6 dollars for it. Her pants were bought at a Children's Place sale for $5 and her shoes were bought at a garage sale for .50 cents and still had the tags on them for $9.99! Her total outfit cost is $11.75. Not my best but still very cute and much cheaper than store prices! DPWF is about $1.20.


  1. I love your blog! It's right up my alley since I adore yard sales and thrift shops. My kids have the most adorable clothing, most name brand, that I have bough dirt cheap at Goodwill or through yard sales! I can't wait to come back and see what other things you are finding!

    New GFC follower too :)
    Theresa’s Mixed Nuts

    1. Theresa! Your are so sweet. I love seeing you comments on here. I love thrift store shopping too! A little more expensive but you can still find awesome stuff!

  2. Oh, my. Major smiling going on here. how awesome are your deals, be even more awesome are the smiles on the kiddos faces. Priceless! =)
    Kristina J.

    1. Thanks Kristina! I love those pictures of my girls.

  3. It's a big discount actually. One of the best buy i've seen.

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    1. I seriously don't think there is a cheaper place to buy things than at garage sales, don't you?!?!?!