Monday, April 2, 2012

March 31st, 2012

We got some cool finds this week that I am so excited to show you!
How fun are these boots?!?! I bought them from a Hispanic women who's sister bought them in Mexico. They are a really nice soft leather. She only wanted $2 for them!

I also bought 3 pair of high heels from a women at the next garage sale. I have been to this women's garage sale before and she is always getting rid of shoes that have barley been worn. She keeps all her shoes in the boxes for storage and they are always in mint condition.
I paid $5 a piece for each pair.
This pair still had the price tags on the bottom of them. Shows you how much they were worn! These black strapy Steve Maddens were bought in the store for $24. I saved $19! Here they are on.
This next pair are a Dana Buchman and are my favorite.
These shoes were bought at Kohls for $70! I saved $65!
Here is the last pair. These are Naughty Monkey's. Naughty Monkey brand has always been one of my favorite brands of shoes but they are SOOOO pricey!
I didn't find these exact shoes but check out prices of Naughty Monkey shoes HERE at I think there were a total of three shoes that were under $50 dollars. The rest are upwards of $70-$80 even for the flip flops!

Along with my three pair of brand name shoes for $15, I convinced the lady to thrown in this cute bracelet for free!
Here is is with some other bracelets I have found at garage sales

Here is my deal of the day and let me tell you how excited I am to have found this. C.J. and I are slowly working on updating all of our bathrooms. My hope is that I will be able to find bathroom vanities, mirrors, and lighting all at garage sales.
When I walked up to this garage sale, which by the way was in a trailor park, I saw this. My husband asked how much they wanted for the mirror and the lady said it was sold. Curious I asked how much it sold for. She said $20!!!!!!! I almost fainted right there. This is almost a 6 foot long ANTIQUE mirror! It is worth hundreds! The lady explained that it had sold in a Friday garage sale but the person had not come to pick it up. Devastated, but with a little tiny ray of hope I left my number for the lady to call me if the women never came to pick it up. At the end of my garage sale day I went back to check on it. As I got closer to the garage sale I was trying to prepare myself for the disapointment that it had most likely been picked up but when I pulled up it was still there! I seriously think my heart skipped a few beats. I got out and was talking with the lady holding the garage sale. She expressed to me that she was worried that the lady was not going to come and pick the mirror up and she didn't want to have to store it in her house any longer. To my surprise she told me that if I would give her $40 I could load it up and take it home! She made an extra $20 on me but I didn't care. It was still an amazing deal. I couldn't believe it! Total buyer's rejoice high. CLICK HERE to find out what a buyer's rejoice high is! I ran back to my car grabbed some money and they helped me load it up.
Here is a close up of the detailing. It will look perfect in my bathroom. The space I have for a mirror was 5 ft 9.5 inches and this mirror is 5 ft 9 inches long! We are working on getting it up on the wall now! Can't wait to show you pictures!

Old night stand-$3!
This was at the garage sale with the mirror and I wanted to buy it but I was so distrot about the mirror that I totally forgot about it! Would have been a fun redo.

Beat up basketball hoop- $5. Needed a little TLC but would have been fun for the kids after being fixed!
Kids life vests and roller blades-$5 a piece
Women's wet suit-$10
Wrapping paper-.25 cents a roll.
Wrapping paper is another one of those things that I am begging you not to buy in stores! I think I have only bought wrapping paper in stores once because I needed a specific color but thats it. You can find any kind of wrapping paper you need at garage sales!

Awesome old antique chair-$35 This would have looked really cute reapolstered. Something I would like to try in the future but not today!
More track cleats at D.I.- $6. Way better price!
Little electric scooter to get around on-$35


  1. Nice Job! I like Garage Sales. I try to limit the amount of spending per Sat. so I don't collect too many "goodies". It is easy to get too much clutter. I love when I can pay 1.00 or less for new or barely used items.

  2. wow im soo inspired! im never buying anything new again! haha your mom taught you well!!

  3. Ha ha ha Carly you are so funny! I am so glad I have inspired you thats been my hope. Lois yes it is easy to over spend even if you are at a garage sale, especially since you don't know what your going to find next! Just think about what your saving in the long run though!