Monday, April 2, 2012

March 31st, 2012

C.J's Finds
This is all C.J. bought this week. He has really been working hard on our lawn trying to get it seeded, fertilized and all the weeds killed.
We bought this from a lady who's home was being foreclosed and she was selling everything they were not taking. She sold C.J. all of this for $3!

She also had some really nice shelves
C.J. really wanted these but they were already sold
$10 a piece
She also had 3 of these shelving units but wanted $25 a piece. It was later in the day. It's possible she would have gone down!
Scope for a gun-$20
Traps- small ones $4 and large ones- $8
Tubing tube-$15
Life Vest-$5
Wet weather Boots- $8

Bike racks for your car- $15 a piece


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