Friday, January 27, 2012

Ribbon Lined Alligator Clip Tutorial

For this tutorial you will need:
An alligator clip
glue gun and glue sticks
Some sort of lighter

First off, lets talk about alligator clips. There are A LOT of different types of alligator clips. Most of them will work. However I have found one kind that does not work that well. If you look at the picture you will notice that the clip in front is not at tall as the clip in the back. This is a good thing. The clip in the back is too tall and when I have used these clips in the past they make my bow stand to high on one side and can be seen more easily.
When you are buying your alligator clips just be sure that they are not like the ones in the back and you should be fine.
To start off you are going to burn the end of your ribbon to keep it form fraying. Take you lighter and get your flame going. Now take your ribbon and just hold it close to the flame. You are not actually going to put it in the flame just hold it close enough for the end of the ribbon to start melting . You will be able to see the ribbon melt.
Now take your clip and turn it upside down and put a globe of glue at the end that does not open, as shown in the picture.
Place your pre-burn ribbon on the glue.
Now you will put a dot of glue on the inside of your clip like this..
and this...
Whatever you do don't get glue in the spring that is on the inside. If you do it will not open and close as easily.
Fold your ribbon over onto the glue. It should look like the picture above.
Now lay your clip flat and put a dot of glue again, at the end that does not open.
fold your ribbon onto the glue.
This next part will depend on what type of alligator clip you have. Mine has two legs, yours may not. Put a line of glue down the length of the clip, or in my case two lines.
And lay your ribbon on top of the glue. Pinch the handle to open the clip so that you can make sure that the mouth of the clip does not get glued together.
Now you will fold your ribbon inwards to measure where you need to cut. You want your ribbon to go as far into the mouth of the clip as it can.
Once you have measured it cut and burn the end
Then while holding the mouth of the clip open. Glue the top inside of the clip.
and fold you ribbon inwards on top of the glue.
Here is what your finished result should look like.
When attaching your clip to a bow you always want to glue the side that is not flat directly to the bow. This way the flat part of the clip is held against the babies head and provides the most comfort.

This side should be against the babies head. Enjoy your bow making!


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