Thursday, January 26, 2012

Zipper Bow Part Three: Circle Zipper Bow

Remember Zipper bows are cute on adults too!

For this tutorial you will need:
needle and thread
glue gun and glue sticks
feather (optional)
center piece for bow
A ribbon lined alligator clip (Click here for that tutorial)

Remember to zip your zipper up and cut off the large metal "stopper" at the opposite end. Then unzip your zipper so that the actual handle you hold on to come off. Now you have two separate pieces! We will be using both sides of the zipper for this tutorial

Now for this bow you are going to do thread your needle and tie a knot at the end. After you do that you will do a running stitch down the length of your zipper.
Stay toward the outer edge so that you don't see the stitches once your bow is done. DO NOT tie it off once you get to the end!

Now that you did a running stitch the entire way down your zipper grab the end that you did not tie off. You will gently pull your thread and your zipper away from each other making it begin to curl up on the other end of your zipper like this...
It should look like this when you are done...
Now you are going to take the opposite end that your were pulling and start shaping it into your flower. This should be the end of the zipper that curled up the most as a result of you pulling at the thread. when you make the very first circle like this....
you will secure the end down with hot glue so that it does not move around. This will end up being the center of your bow so keep things nice and neat.
continue circling the zipper around its self and securing it down with small dots of glue. As you are shaping your zipper bow you may have to readjust the curls of the zipper to make them tighter.
You can do this using only one side of your zipper or you can use both. I used both so that my circle would be bigger. You will need to follow all previous steps to make your running stitch and make your zipper curl like the first. After you have done this you will add on the beginning of your second zipper where you ended your first zipper. Your second zipper will not need to be pulled as tight as your first

Before you glue down the very end you will need to tie off your thread and cut it off. Tie it off by inserting your pin into the very edge of the zipper, as shown in the picture. DON'T however, pull it through all the way. Just pull it till there is a tiny loop (look at picture below) and then pass your needle through that loop and pull it all the way tight. Do this 2 or 3 times.
Once you have tied off your zipper. Glue the end down. I like to tuck it behind its self so that you can't see the abrupt stop of the end of the zipper. Some people like the end showing. It's
totally up to you! Here is mine.
Now pick out your center. At first I choose this one but after I was done decided I didn't like it and pulled it off and glued on a different one.
Now for the feather. I had some cute ostrich feathers I picked up a garage sale and wanted to use them in this bow but when I went to look for them this is all I found.
A little disappointed and tired of looking I decided to work with what I had.
I cut right down the center vein of the feather. (be careful it was easy to get off track. You don't want to cut your actual feathers. You might also try ripping it once you make your first cut. After doing this I then cut off a small section and glued it to the back of my bow.

Here is my end result!
Now you will need to add your alligator clip to the back of your bow. Click here for that tutorial

Here is my end result again.

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