Thursday, January 26, 2012

Zipper Bow Tutorials

Zipper bows are a fun way to dress up and accessorize your children and yourself!
In this next tutorial I will show you how I made these four bows from zippers my mom picked up for me at garage sales for a few cents a piece. Since I am showing you how to make each bow I will divide the tutorial into several smaller posts to make this tutorial a little less overwhelming. You will start with the same set of instructions for each bow, which I have posted below. You will also need to know how to line your alligator clip with ribbon. (Click Here) for that tutorial
To start I went into my craft box where I keep the zippers my mom gave me. This is what I found. Lots of colors, but I am not going to lie I was a little disappointed in my selection. What makes zipper bows so cute is the big metal teeth. As you can see all of my color zippers have plastic teeth that are the same color as the zipper. Nevertheless, I was going to work with what I had and make them cute.

As I said, your first few steps for all the zipper bows are going to be the same so here they are...
Make sure your zipper is zipped up. Then you are going to cut the opposite end just above this large metal piece, I call the "stopper". TIP: try to cut in between the teeth so that you don't risk messing up your scissors.
Then zip your zipper down until the actual part you hold onto comes off. Now you will have two separate sides of your zipper. We will be using both for all of these tutorials.

Whatever bow you decide to make just remember that every bow looks cuter on someone's head! There have been so many times that I have made a bow and thought I didn't like it but after trying it on one of my girls I LOVED it!

For the white flower zipper bow click here.

For the peacock feather zipper bow click here.

For the circle flower zipper bow click here.

For the zipper, fabric combination flower bow click here.


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