Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fashion on a Dime

What determines fashion? Have any of you ever thought about this question? Fashion comes in so many different styles and can be expressed in so many different ways but where do we get these style ideas? I have come to the simple conclusion that designers have an idea or image in their head that they then put on paper and finally into fabric according to what they think will become fashion. From there, companies within the fashion industry buy based off of these designer's style creations. Companies buy according to what intrigued them and what they think will catch on in the public. These styles from the runway then trickle down into our department stores in forms that are much more afforable to the public. You go to those stores and pick out what you as an individual like and what you think you will look good in. But what if you are not shopping at those department stores? What if you are like me and you find the majority of your clothing at D.I., second hand stores and garage sales? To be honest it doesn't really matter. Fashion trends always end up repeating themselves or end up being tweaked in different ways. Remember when you wore leggings as a kid? Or those skinny jeans and jean jackets? How about those bright colored pants your mom wore? Guess what, they are all back. Fashion trends also stick around for years so they have time to trickle down even further into second hand stores. The only difference is that your shopping in a place that offers several decades of styles to choose from. You just have to know how to assemble these styles together in order to appear fashionable. The truth is that we are all our own designers. We may not physically make the clothes but we are, what I like to call "the assemblers". You get to show your creative side when determining how to put these fashions together. Just remember, you determine our own personal fashion style. It is yours and no one can take that away from you. Find out what your fashion style is and own it. Be confident in it! With this being said, I know that we all have different styles and that not everyone will like the outfits I assemble myself. However my purpose is not for you to like everything I wear but to show you that you can buy from second hand stores and garage sales for a fraction of the price and still be fashionable!
Here is an outfit I put together from things I have found at D.I. and garage sales. The shirt and vest came from D.I. The shirt was $4. The vest was $3. My hand bag also came from D.I. and is a Daisy Fuentes bag that I paid $2 for. My bracelets are from a garage sale and cost me about $1.50.

I also find the majority of my children's clothes at garage sales. Kids fashion is much easier to find at second hand stores and garage sales than adult clothes are because kids are always growing. Eventually they don't fit into that outfit you paid a fortune for and when that happens what do you do? You either save it for the next kid, you garage sale it or take it to a second hand store. This makes your job easy as a parent when it comes to finding cute affordable clothes for your children!
Here's is my miss Jaysa.
Her shirt is from Savers. I think I paid 2.99 for it. I bought the vest at a garage sale for $1.
Her pants are kids True Religion jeans that I paid $3 dollars for at a garage sale and her shoes were also $2.99 at Savers. Her total cost for her outfit is $10! Thats a $1 DPWF.

Her white onesie was .25 cents. Her pink cardigan I found at Savers for $1.99 and her ruffle skirt legging combination I bought at a garage sale for $1.
How cute are these shoes!!!! $1 at a garage sale! Her total cost for this outfit is $4.25. We will round up for a .43 cent DPWF!
Her bow is also made from crafts materials, feathers and flowers I have found at garage sales!


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