Sunday, January 29, 2012


Today was a pretty good garage sale day. No rain and but definatley cold. Here is what we found this week.
I bought this dresser for $10 dollars. I have been looking for something to redo and I think this is the perfect project. Be looking for the final reveal!
Cute Nike shoes for my Niece. $1!
This picture is actually upside down. This is a one of those little hand towel racks that go in the bathroom above your counter. I am doing my little girls bathroom white so this is perfect! $1!
C.J. has been wanting a shoe basket. So I bought this one for $2
More holiday decorations! This is still wrapped! I paid $1 for it.
.25 cents for a wipe case. I have lots of friends who are having babies right now and buying baby gifts can get really expensive so I end up making a lot of mine. I will be making a fabric covered wipe case with this and of course I will be posting a tutorial on it!
I also bought this dark wood flooring. I don't plan on doing any sort of remodel with it but I do have a plan for it in my photography!
I absolutely LOVE this idea for one year old pictures and Paisley's one year old birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks. However, I don't have any wood flooring in my house so I just bought this case of wood flooring at a garage sale for $10 so that I could try to make it look like I had wood flooring. In the store these run about $30 dollars a box. I was hoping to get it a little cheaper than $10 but the guy wouldn't go down any further and I am in a time crunch so I had to pay the extra few dollars. Oh Well, it will all pay off when my pictures turn out cute. I also think it would be much cuter with a fondant cake. I have a friend that is going to teach me how to make one! I am so excited and can't wait to learn!
These are brand new mirrored sliding closet doors. There are two of them and I paid $5 dollars a piece for them! I have an idea for these and it's a little unconventional but I think it will work. Check back a little later to see what I do with them!

Awesome antique dresser $100. If this were not an antique I would never say that this was an awesome deal but having grown up with a mother who was an antique collector I have seen how much she has paid for a dresser like this. I love all the detailing on it.
Cute head board and footboard. Again, trying to find one for my front porch bench I want to make but this one was already sold. $10!
Gliding rocking chair with ottoman. I forgot to ask about this one but I bought a set just like this for my brother and his wife about 2 years ago and paid $11 for it! Beats the $150 I paid for mine from Walmart! You could also recover this to make it match your nursery!
So many fun things you can do with a barrel on Pinterest!
Here is one that I love. Not your average picnic and lots of fun for parties. I have been wanting to buy one to plant stuff in and put in my garden but someone got to this one first!!!! I was so sad. It sold for $5!!!!!! I was kicking myself in the pants for that one.
Jogging stroller $15!
Diaper gene. $5
You can find great deals on BBQ grills at garage sales. Here is ours. We paid $30 for it! It needs a good scrub but it has been well used and works like a champ. At the store this would have easily been a few hundred dollars. I think the grill cover cost about the same price as our grill did!

Here is another great deal on a grill at a garage sale I saw this weekend.
The people having this garage sale wanted $300 for this grill. Obviously a nice grill. It has a rotisserie and oven in it too! It was at the end of the day and it hadn't sold so they were willing to go down on it. I probably would have tried to get them to go $200 on it. Might still seem a little high but this was a very nice grill.


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