Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Liz's Headboard and T.V. Stand

Here are two projects one of my good friends, Liz, just finished! Liz is so creative and I really love her decorating style. I know you will too! Liz needed a head board for her bed and had the awesome idea of using two doors she found at D.I. for $5 dollars a piece! Her second project was a T.V. Stand/Dresser that she also found at D.I. Got to love D.I.! This post comes straight from her blog. Take a look at how her projects turned out!


I'm so excited to finally be posting about my headboard.When we moved back to Utah and bought our king size bed, I knew that buying a headboard would be super expensive.
Here are a few that I was looking at...

Price: $1,899
Really? Wow. Not gonna happen!

Price: $1,799
Not much better. So I decided to take matters into my own hands! I found these 2 doors at the D.I. for $5 a piece!

Right when I saw them, I knew exactly what I could do. I loved that the two panels were continuous! So I went to Home Depot and bought:

1 Gallon Olympic Paint - Queen Anne's Lace ($24)

Valspar Translucent Color Glaze - Taupe (SALE $4.79)

3 in. foam roller ($2.87)

4 brackets ($8.89)

Crown Moulding - House of Fara ($15.48)

1/4 round moulding ($3.69)

flat piece of wood ($3.62)

pack of dowel pins ($2.97)

liquid nails ($4.94)

Elmers wood filler ($5.97)

3 pk. of sandpaper ($3.97)

Then it was time to get started! I painted a few coats of paint on each door.

Once that was dry, I took a small paint brush and painted along the cracks with my glaze.
The taupe wasn't dark enough though.. It barely showed up! So thankfully our landlords keep some paint and stain in our garage.. Because I found exactly what I needed!! They had a pint of Ralph Lauren black stain. So I added a drop of that into my bowl to darken my glaze and it worked perfectly.

Here I am.. Working away!

Then Judd's best friend CJ came over to help me cut the moulding! He has a miter saw which was the kind of saw we needed to cut the angles in the moulding. He is a definite handy-man and helped me out a lot! We figured out exactly where to cut the moulding to make the corners match perfectly. Then he used his nail gun to attach the moulding to the front of the door. Then I placed the quarter round piece down on top of that with liquid nails to round off the top of the moulding. After that, I placed the flat piece behind the quarter round.

Finally I filled any cracks and nail holes with my wood filler. Once that dried, I sanded it smooth and then painted it. Finally, we screwed in the brackets to join the two doors together and stood it up right. We leaned it against the wall and ta-da! It was finished :)

I absolutely love how it turned out!

My total cost: $91.19
Total savings: $1807.81

I'm so proud that it was just under $100.. Definitely worth it!

TV Stand/Dresser:

After making our headboard, I was excited to move on to my next project! I've been wanting a dresser for our bedroom and we've also needed a place for our tv! So when I went to the D.I. and saw these two pieces of furniture... I again knew exactly what I could do with them :) I asked one of the guys that worked there to put the top of the hutch on top of the dresser. After looking it over, I decided to buy both of them. Even though they don't go together, I knew I could make them work!

Hutch $20

Dresser $50

I talked them down on their prices a little bit but I still think the dresser was a little pricey. I settled because I had been looking everywhere and was so excited to finally find something cheaper than $120.

The first thing I did was take out the shelves. They were inserted into little slots in the side so it was not easy! Once they were out, I used wood filler to fill in the holes.

Then I took the knobs off and sanded the dresser.

Then we started painting!

My good friend Robin came over to help :) I don't know what I would've done without her! She helped so much!

Then I painted some glaze/stain inside a few of the cracks! I love how it turned out. Then I screwed the shelf back in and added crystal knobs!

And here's the final product! I absolutely love it :)

Both of Liz's projects turned out so cute! I want to see everyone else's garage sale and D.I. projects out there! If you have a project you want featured on Garagesalesrus please email us at Please include pictures and a story about your experience!


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