Thursday, July 5, 2012

June 30th 2012

For some reason there weren't that many garage sales out there this week. This happens sometimes. Don't give up. It's just not your week. If your religious about going every Saturday I promise you will find some great things! If you feel like getting out there just is not worth your time examine the area your garage saleing in. Is it an area that is filled with established families or is it an area with young families who are still in school and probably don't have a great quality of things to sell? If it is head to a different area. I actually don't even garage sale in the town I live in! I head out to the surrounding areas to some of the more established homes. 

Here is what I found this week.
I bought two pair of Nike tennis shoes and one pair of Pediped shoes for $2.50! two pairs of shoes on the outside will need some cleaning but the one in the middle is practically brand new!
I bought this spool of lace for $1 dollar. 
 I bought with cute black winter coat for Jaysa for $1.
I will make a cover for this pillow that I bought for .50 cents. 
Ok this vest spoke to me as I walked by. I am not sure what I can do with it now but I hope I can make it look cute in a Fashion on a Dime! If not, oh well, I only paid .50 cents for it!

I also hit a garage sale that had so many silk flower I felt like I was shopping in the floral department of Michaels except with WAY better prices.
I was only charged .10 cents a stem! I filled up a box of all the flowers I thought I would be able to use at my brother's reception and as bows. I got a total of 76 stems and paid them $8 dollars for the box.

I know it doesnt look like 76 stems but believe me I packed that box as full as I could.
These gerber daisy's are $2 dollars a piece at Michaels! I got them for .10 cents a piece! GREAT DEAL

I also bought an old swing for $3 dollars. Now don't laugh I know it's probably as old as I am but...

This smile made it all worth it!

Here is my favorite thing I bought Saturday. 
 I LOVE this white tufted double headboard! The guy I bought it from was a Parade of Homes contractor and had this in one of this homes. It didn't sell when the house sold so he was left to try to get rid of it on his own. He paid $450 for it. I bought it from him for $75!!! I can not wait to find some other furniture piece to go with it and redo it! I am thinking white and gray.

Deal of the Day is something I have been slacking on. It's just so hard to pick sometimes! This weeks Deal of the Day would be these Nike shoes I bought for Paisley for $1 dollar!!!
 She looks so cute in them too!

This is a queen bedroom set that had two matching night stands and a table that goes at the end of the bed.

The seller only wanted $100 for the whole set!
These little girl's shoes were so cute! They were only $1
 Here are lots and lots for Barbies and Brats dolls for $1a piece.

Here is a cute corderio jacket with gold buttons for $1

This red formal kids dress was only $3! I would have snatched that up if it was Jaysa's size!

This pack N Play had all the accesories needed for a newborn. It came with the raised bed the changing station and the holders on the side for diapers wipes and creams. They only wanted $50 for this!

I am so sad about this one. I have been wanting a trampoline for our back yard. This one sold for $175

 These baby beanies were only $2 dollars a piece and looked like they had never been worn.
This Stainless Steel fridge was $200



  1. Garage sales are so much fun! I am always amazed at what others can find!!

  2. Robin I recently stumbled onto your blog and I love it! Question for do you plan out your yard sales? I love seeing all of the killer deals you get, and I yard sale here too, but I swear I never go tithe same ones as you! Any tips/suggestions/secrets for yard saleing right here in St George?

  3. Kristin,
    What time do you get out? I find that a lot of people's problems is that they are not getting out early enough. I am out the door by 7:00. I usually take a look at what's on craigslist to see if there are any major community garage sales or large fundraiser sales. If not I start my day in Washington Fields and then make my way to Bloomington. If I still have time I sometimes then go back through Bloomington Hills. If not I just kinda garage sale my way back home and hit a few around my neighborhood. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!