Monday, July 2, 2012

Decorating Fun

I was going through my iphoto and found these pictures of me and C.J. and couldn't help but laugh. This was before I even started this blog. We had just moved in and were trying to get a few things up on the walls. I had these large wood sconces that I loved and thought would look good on either side of my fireplace. I couldn't tell if they were too big for my space with him just holding one up so we had this genius idea to set our camera up on a timer and take a picture of us holding the sconces. Before we took a picture I told C.J. he couldn't just stand right in front of the sconce he had to get his body out of the way so I could see if I like it there. HAHAHA I love the way he followed my instructions and the fact that he still smiled for the camera! Sorry for the low quality. I didn't have my professional camera back then either.

We have lots of fun entertaining ourselves... Can you tell?


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