Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 2, 2012

This was another short week of garage saleing. C.J. was busy with previous arrangements so it was just me and the girls this morning. I knew it would be a difficult so I came prepared. I packed toys and books and treats. before getting out at another garage sale I turned to look at my girls and right at that moment Paisley threw up everything she had eaten for breakfast! I only got about an hour and a half of sales in. I still found plenty to blog about though!
I bought this necklace for $1 dollar and the bracelets for .50 cents a piece.
I bought these green decorative balls for the wedding. I paid $1 for all of them!
This one still have a price tag on it for $13 dollars!!! 

I bought this ostrich feather skirt for $1 dollar!

 It still has the tags on! I love this skirt but I would never buy it in a store. It's really not all the practical. You had better not get it wet! But you can't beat a $1 dollar price tag! This will be such a cute Fashion on a Dime.
I bought these flats for $2 dollars.

I also bought this summer dress for $1 dollar that I will probably wear as a swim suit cover up.

I bought this grey skirt for .50 cents. It actually looks pretty terrible in this picture but it is so cute in person!
I bought 3 unopened packages of diapers for $3 dollars!!!!!!!! They are Costco brand and the perfect size for Paisley. So glad I found these cause I was running low! I always try to pick up diapers at garage sales when I see them. This will save you so much money!
 I also ran across a garage sale that had a box of crafting materials! I filled up a grocery bag of items I knew I could use in bows and whatever crafting endevors I take on. I have enough pearls to last me a few years of bow making!
There was also lots of rick rack, lace and elastic. I got the whole bag for $2 dollars. There were 53 items in the bag which means I got each item for about .04 cents a piece!
I bought these two key chains for $2 a piece! They are brand new and the seller had boxes and boxes of other styles!!!! The seller also had lots and lots of necklaces, bracelets and watches for dirt cheap!
I also bought C.J. these saw horses. He has been looking for them for a little while. I paid $2.50 a piece. Brand new at Lowes they cost $31.98
I also bought this knife for $1. Once I start giveaways be looking for some of these brand new items I find at garage sales! 

One of the things I am most excited about is something I can't show you yet. I am planning on using it in one of the future rounds for the One Artsy Mama Craft Contest if I am lucky enough to move on! I got an amazing deal on it and I can't wait to show you!!!

I talked the seller down to $10 for this dresser but decided not to get it. unless I used it in a little boys room I would have to buy all new knobs for it. This picture is not great but the knobs are soccer balls, basketballs and footballs. So cute but that would be an entirely different project from the ones I already have in my garage.

Here is lots of cute home decor!
This red candle holder was $5.

Theses candle holders were three a piece.
This awesome old trunk was only $3 dollars!!!!!

These Iron hooks and embellishments were $3 a piece.
Here is an iron decorative pot for $4 dollars.
This small shabby chic pot was $2 dollars. It would be so cute with some flowers in it!

Here is some rock climbing gear. The backpack, rope and harness for $10 dollars.

This is a portable massage chair for $50 dollars

Here are some kids toys for a few bucks a piece
I Love these shoes but they were a little big for me. They are Nine West and the seller wanted $3 dollars a piece.
 Games anyone? These were only $1 dollar a piece.
How fun is this! It's a play boat! You put it  in the water and your kids can pretend to drive it! I love it! They wanted $35 for it.
 This pink Schwinn bike was only $15 dollars!!!! These bikes are AT LEAST $100 in the store. Check them out here
 Here is another kids bike for $10 dollars.
 These crafting scissors were $5
This double jogging stroller was $65.

This was an entire closet shelving unit!!!
 They wanted $10 dollars per piece. And there were 4 pieces. So $40 for the whole thing. One was already sold. I loved these!
This is the one that was already sold which is why it is hiding behind the others.

These drawers would have been so nice for storage!
 Here is a really nice Pack N' Play. I totally spaced asking on this. It had just been bought.
It was one of the ones that converts into a bedside bassinet with the changing table and everything. I have two Pack N' Plays that I have bought at garage sales. One for $15 and the other one was really nice like this one. I bought it for $30.


  1. You totally scored this week! Love the ostrich skirt and can't wait to see what you pair it with. I foresee a fun date night with your hubs, wearing a sassy outfit, in your future! :)

    1. ha ha ha I love you!!! your comments crack me up! Yes I sure hope there will be a date night!

  2. Smart buy on those diapers! I always look for my daughter when I am out.....they have REALLY gone up in the last 30 years! I've bought 3 pack n plays and 3 Mama Roos at yard sales in perfect condition for pennies on the retail dollar. Now, she has one upstairs and down and I also have one over here....Just wonderful! Love your garage sale finds.

    1. Nice finds!!!! Thats what my mom and I have done too! It's nice not to have to lug the pack n plays around!!!! Finding stuff at garage sales makes baby expenses much more affordable!

  3. Seriously? Do you and I garage sale in the same town. I never find deals like this in St George it always seems like junk.