Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Canvas Monogram Art Tutorial

As promised here is my tutorial on how I made my Canvas Monogram Art for the Framed Frosting Secret Blogger Swap. 

I made it for my secret blogger, Jen Street, over at Queen Bee's Hive.

All of my materials except for the fabric were bought at garage sales!
I started with this car canvas I bought at a garage sale for $1 dollar
I gave it a fresh coat of paint so that the car could not be seen through the fabric.
Then I wrapped my canvas in a white durable fabric 
and folded my edges down and used a staple gun to staple the fabric to the frame of the back of your canvas.
Here is my canvas after being wrapped in fabric. Not too much different but a better foundation to start with instead of the car.
After wondering what I should get my secret blogger for a few days I noticed that her last name started with an "S" I remembered that I had just bought a bag of letters from a garage sale. The letters spelled out SPENCER. I don't know anyone named Spencer but I knew I could use the letters to make monograms. I paid $1 for the entire bag meaning that my letter "S" only cost me .17 cents! I then took some twine, which was also bought at a garage sale for .25 cents, and began wrapping my letter "S"
I started by glueing one end of the twine to the back of my letter. The way you wrap your letter will all depend on what letter of the alphabet you are using. You may have to get creative in order to make sure your letter in fully covered.
It will also be a good idea to continue glueing as you wrap. This will ensure that your twine does not move around and stays nice and neat. I did not wrap my entire letter in one piece of twine. If you have to cut your twine, glue the end to the back and start again to make sure everything stay neat then thats fine.
 Your warpping job also might get a little hairy in some spots like this one.

All I did to fix this was start looping the twine over itself to fill in the gap. 
 I also used this method for the ends
 Be patient! This took me a while to do but the end product is worth it!
After finishing my "S" I used several different techniques to make bows to dress up the canvas.
I only have tutorials on one of these bows right now. I will have the other tutorials up soon!
Click here for the fabric rosette bow tutorial.

My final step of this project was to glue my "S" and bows on to my fabric canvas. 
Because I found my materials for so cheap at garage sales my estimation for the total cost of this project is between $3.50 and $5!


  1. SO fabulous! You should seriously think about selling these Robin. I know I would definitely buy one :)

    1. Danielle you are too cute. I will have to look into how much they would cost to buy the materials new.

  2. So amazinggg!!! I can't wait to do this for my home! Thank you for sharing! :) xo

    1. Thank you Katlyn! So glad your going to doit and put it in your home!

  3. THAT is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OMG that turned out so great! I am super impressed with how you got the S wrapped up so neatly! And I love the fabric flowers from that silky/gauzy material; they are awesome. I have a brand new link party going on right now and I'd be thrilled if you'd share this over there so everyone can see the tutorial!

  5. Love this :) You need to me make me one Robin!! :)

    1. Thanks girl! can't wait till you get down here!