Monday, May 28, 2012

Guest Blogger

Hello all my favorite readers! We have another lovely guest blogger. I want to introduce you to Kristina over at From City Corporate to Suburb Mama. I love her. She is an AMAZING person and I am so glad she is guest posting! She is going to teach us about something I feel is very important. Buying fresh produce can be really expensive at times so many times families will simply go without. Kristina is going to give us a few tips on the best way to buy produce.

Hi every one! My name is Kristina and I blog over at From City Corporate to Suburb Mama. I'm thrilled to be over here today sharing with you! I'm passionate about healthy, whole living and one of the things I believe allows for that is eating seasonal produce.

The best way to buy produce is from a local source you trust like a farmer's market, a local farm, a CSA (community supported agriculture) or grocery store like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's that supports in season produce and provides organic options.

Eating produce in season is not just good for your health, it's also good for the environment. Having trucks haul fruits and veggies cross-country when they are not in season requires a lot of extras that aren't good for you, including what goes in to helping a truck travel cross-country as well as the gasses that are used to keep produce fresh longer.

Finding a reliable, local source is your best bet and knowing what's in season when, really helps your bottom line because even if you're buying organic, if its in season, it will be cheaper than imported/shipped items that are not.

Here's an at-a-glance list I've created to help you know what's good each season! Now....go eat your strawberries before they go out of season! But get them organically if you can...they are on the dirty dozen list!

Hope this helps! I'd love to have you come stay hi! 


  1. Kristina, Thank you so much for guest posting! I hate how expensive fruit can be but I LOVE fruit so I buy it anyway. This will be a great guide for me when I go to the store next time!