Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 26th 2012

This week I headed out garage saleing by myself! It's a very rare occasion that I go by myself I usually have my kids and C.J. or when C.J. has something scheduled I go by myself with the two kids...(always turns out to be a bit of a disaster) Most of the things I bought this week were for the wedding. 
Here is what I bought this week.
Since flowers are ridiculously expensive we have been looking for flowers that will match the brides colors at garage sales. Normally this would be a serious long shot but we are doing a bit of a garden themed reception. So the many different types of flowers will work! I bought two flower arrangments for $1 dollar that were taken apart the second I got home. The flower arrangments weren't my favorite but the flowers were nice and a good quality so I will make my own arrangment with them for the reception. Another place I have been looking for flowers is D.I.! Since the budget for this reception is small finding flowers at garage sales and D.I. will help us be able to spend money in other places. 

Here are some of the flowers I took out of arrangements
The others I used to make a bouquet for my brother's engagements. We borrowed an old bike that had a basket on the front of it so I wanted a bouquet of flowers in the basket. The hydrangeas are not from a garage sale but everything else is.

I also bought this for .50 cents. I know by now some of you are wondering how I am going to pull this wedding off but don't worry! My sister-in-law and I have it all planned out! It is going to look amazing!

I also bought this outdoor bush for $2 dollars that will be used at the wedding. My mom actually took the tree home before I got a picture so I had to get her to take one for me.
And there is the charger to my camera hanging on the tree. I love the way my mom lets me know that I left it in her car and will need her to mail it back to me. Ha!
One of my girls favorite things to do around here is head to the splash pads. The ground gets really hot here in St. George so they have to keep shoes on their feet while they play. I bought these flip flops for .50 cents a piece for Jaysa so she can wear they in the water and while she runs around.
I also bought these for $1 for Paisley so she could do the same. I paid more for these than I wanted to but we really needed them these since we go so often. She has already worn them and one of them has already gotten lost in the hustle and bustle. Better find it before our next trip to the splash pad!
I bought C.J. this armband that holds a phone for $1dollar! I bought him one a few years back at a garage sale and he has worn it out. So glad to find another so we don't have to pay store prices.

I also bought this cream ruffled shirt for $1 dollar. I already have a Fashion on a Dime picked out for it!
I also bought this paper/fabric cutter. The sticker says $5 but I got them to go down the $3. I am interested to see how well it works. It's a little older but it's never been opened.

I bought this dresser for $20! It's beautiful and I can't wait to paint it!

I bought these night stands for $6 dollars a piece! Now I have all the pieces I need to redo a queen bedroom set! 
I bought this little teal rusted pot for $1 dollar! I LOVE it! I think I will use it in the wedding first and then use it in my home decor.

I also ran across a garage sale that had a bunch of boxes of rubber gloves and unopened packages of tooth picks. I bought two boxes of rubber gloves. One in a small size for me and one in a large size for C.J. I never thought I would need rubber gloves in my house but just the other day as I was using wood stain I thought to myself. It would sure be nice if I had rubber gloves so I didn't have to get my hands all dirty. I am still scrapping stain out from my nail beds! Now my problem is solved! The tooth picks were .25 cents for a box of 1,000. Heck ya I am going to buy some!
I bought these cute little cowgirl boots for .50 cents!!!!!!
 My mom bought this mirror for me for $3 dollars!
She also bought this mirror for me! This mirror is about 5 ft long! They wanted $80 for it but my mom got them to go down to $50! I want it to go in my girls bathroom but it may be a little to long. If it is I will sell the mirror I have in my guest bedroom and replace it with this one. I LOVE it!!!!!!!

These little night stands were so cute! There were 3 pieces. They didn't have the third I am guessing it was another small night stand or maybe a bed...not sure. They were already sold and had been bought for $50 dollars.
Here is some home schooling material. They wanted $1 per book or $40 for all of it. If you homeschool  your children this would have been a great find!
I absolutely LOVE this barrel! I love all the pictures on Pinterest that use old barrels in weddings.

 I really wanted to buy this one but the lady wanted $50 dollars for it. I tried to talk her down to $25 but she wouldn't budge. So sad! I got her phone number. Maybe I will give her a call and see if it sold. If your not sure about an item or it's too expensive get the seller's number that way you don't have to try to remember where the seller lives if you decide later that you want the item!

This coffee table was $20 dollars!
The matching nightstand was $10 dollars!

There nothing like having organization in the play room to help it stay cleaner! They wanted $10 for this. A little high but the seller was bargining on everything.
The seller only wanted $5 dollars for this cute little girls bench! It's missing one handle but thats an easy fix! So cute!
This double stroller was only $50. It was imaculately clean too! It looked like kids had never even sat in it!
Here is a Little Mermaid tea set that was only $2 dollars.
This area rug was only $5! It need a scrub but worth a try! Rugs are so expensive! If it were not white I would have bought it. White does not stay white for long around my house! 
Here is a little football toy chest for a little guy. The seller only wanted $3 dollars for it!
You will never believe how much the seller wanted for this desk.... ONLY 10 DOLLARS!!!!
This rustic coffee table was $25 dollars.
This cute little doll house was only $3 dollars!!!!!!! There were no accessories that came with it but you could sure start collecting some at garage sales for cheap!