Sunday, June 3, 2012

Guest Blogger

Janiene @ A Bunch of Bishops
Today our guest blogger is Janiene and let me just say that I LOVE Janiene. She is so cute. I love her spunk and her personality... pretty much everything about her! With this guest post Janiene has inspired a thought that I think would be so fun to start on this blog. Today Janiene is sharing with all of you what her garage sale Saturday was like. I love seeing everyone else's finds. I always ask people to send me pictures of their finds and so far a few have taken me up on that offer but I want to see more! I would like to start something called Whatcha Find Wednesday where I post about a guests garage sale day and all the amazing things they found. Please, Please, Please if this sounds like something you readers would like leave me a comment! I would love to know what you think and if you would like to see what other people out there find and what they do with it!

Now Here is Janiene to tell us about her garage sale day!


Hi! My name is Janiene and I am visiting from A Bunch of Bishops!

A little bit about me...
I have been married for 8 years and we have 3 children, ages 5, 3, 1.
Just in case you are wondering, yes, life is crazy with 3 young kids -
but more fun than crazy! :)
I drink Iced Coffee every day (sometimes all day!).
I like to post about homeschooling my preschoolers, crafting, recipes, copycatting projects with features and links back to the original blogger, and random moments with my family.

 I found Robin's amazing blog Garage Sales R Us while blog hoppin' and I am a happily-hooked-follower!

When Robin and I discussed a Blog Swap, I got super excited!
I thought about what I should share with her awesome followers (you!),
and I decided on sharing my adventures in...

Garage Saleing with 3 Young Kids!

It was a bright and beautiful Saturday morning.
I loaded all three of my children into the van.
I grabbed my cash and I was ready to go!
I went for the minimalist approach - no makeup & hair pulled back. 
Maybe the less-is-more look will help with my bargaining...

And we're off!
I stopped by my first garage sale and was beyond thrilled to find
a Graco carseat base for $2!

Then I found this sweet piece of furniture for $1.
I'm thinking of chalkboard painting the top and then on the base using red spray paint. My 3yr old is learning to write his letters and this furniture piece will transform awesomely into a little writing desk for him!
I have been looking for a tiered serving stand and found this one!
I asked her how much and she said "how much do you got" and I said $1.25 and she said "sold!"
It never hurts to carry less cash while garage saleing!!!
A little spray paint and this baby is going to look awesome!

While driving by another garage sale the guy waved me down and told me I could take what I wanted, for FREE!! So I grabbed this small table and I plan to use Robin's Modge Podged Antique vanity tutorial to Modge Podge a map to the desk top. Should look awesome in my kids homeschool room!

My kiddos got hungry so we stopped by McDonalds for a
Strawberry Banana Smoothie 
(even Ava got a sip!)...

We stopped by one more garage sale but I didn't find anything I wanted. 
All in all I spent $4.25 and got some GREAT finds!
We were garage saleing for about an hour and a half and then we came home and the kids napped.
What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

 I love the journey of buying (or finding) something broken, worn out, or forgotten, and bringing it back to beauty & life! I think that is why garage saleing is so fun & addicting for me! The unknown lies before me and with a bit of cash I could come home with some amazing treasures!

Thank you Robin for letting me guest post today! 
I love your blog and it is an honor to guest post here!

And, blessings to you all!

Janiene, I can't believe that guy gave you that table for free!!! There is nothing better than free! When you get your projects finished I would LOVE to post about them! Please send me pics and a little bit about how you accomplished them!

If there is anyone who wants to sign up for Watcha Find Wednesday email me @


  1. Love it!!! You are the best!

    Thanks for letting me crash your blog today! I had so much fun! I will send you pictures of my projects and I would love for you to post about them! Blessings to you Robin!!!!!!


  2. Wow, those are some sweet deals for only $4.25! It makes me feel motivated to get out there wih my 3 kids. Found you from Janiene's blog and am excited to be following you. I'm dying to try out your midget podge technique on a piece of furniture.

  3. Janiene, I love sale-ing on Saturday morns too...I usually leave my husband in charge of one or two of the kids and after the farmer's market I mosey through the neighborhoods in search of extraordinary stuff! Good job on your finds!

    1. Thanks Sarah!!! I like how you hit the farmer's market & the garage sales on the same day! :)

  4. Love your finds! Thanks for the inspiration! Can't wait to see what you do with what you found!