Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fashion on a Dime

In my dreams I would be able to do a Fashion on a Dime once a week. Here's to being optimistic in meeting that goal! In case you missed it over at Covered in Grace.
 My financial stats for this outfit are:
Yellow jean capris- $6.00 at Goodwill 
Shirt- $5.99 at D.I.
Cream shoes- $3 dollars at a garage sale.
My total outfit cost is $15 dollars. My DPWF is $1.50!
 Click Here to find out what Dress Per Wear Factor is!

Dressing yourself and your family does not have to be expensive! If you are patient and smart you can get cute and in style clothing at garage sales and second hand stores for next to nothing! I hope I can inspire you to get out there and do a little thrift shopping and garage saleing to see what you can find!

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  1. I love your latest Fashion on a Dime outfit!!!! Totally cute!