Saturday, June 23, 2012

Show & Tell Saturday

A while back I mentioned that I wanted to start a weekly post about the other things our friends out there find while garage saleing and thrifting. Originally I wanted to call it Watchafind Wednesday BUT I decided that I actually want to show case what you found on Saturday. I hate that I get out garage saleing Saturday morning and don't get my post up about my finds till later in the week so instead of Watchafind Wednesday we are going to do a Show & Tell Saturday! It doesn't really matter what you post about as long as it was bought at a garage sale or thrift store. You can post about one particular project or you can post about your garage sale day and the things you found. We just want to see your amazing finds! So please if you would like to participate in my Show and Tell Saturdays email me so I can get you scheduled!

Now for our FIRST Show and Tell Saturday, who better than the lovely lady who inspired this idea in the first place, Janiene Bishop!

Hi! I'm Janiene from A Bunch of Bishops and I'm back 
to share my cabinet make-over with ya'll.
I'm the Mom that took her 3 kiddos garage saleing and shared my adventures with you all a couple weeks ago. Click here to read about that fun day and see what I scored!!

So, without further ado, here we go!!

Here is the cabinet I bought for $1...

Gross huh?!
Well all I could envision was a chalkboard writing desk for my 3yr old son!
I almost broke my back loading it into the car (that thing is SOLID WOOD!!!).

I brought it home and started working on it.
I sanded the top to remove the patchy lacquer (I used course sandpaper because I did not want the surface to be super smooth since we were chalkboard painting it)...

I removed all the hardware (I am kinda in love with the lion hardware, so cute) and then I removed that weird decorative railing...

I covered and taped off the whole bottom of the cabinet so that only the top would be chalkboard painted. My husband is awesome at spray painting so he helped me paint it...

Then, I ran to the store for a couple hours and when I got home my husband had finished painting the base and he had replaced the hardware! He did not take pictures of the process of painting the base, boo!

We used Krylon Gloss Global Blue spray paint
for the bottom of the cabinet
Krylon Chalkboard spray paint 
on the desk top.

The chalkboard writing table,

I really loved that the desk had holes all along the top of the desk. Why you ask? Well, if you have ever given a hand full of colored pencils or markers to a kid, the first thing they do is line them up on the desk in color order. And then the markers and colored pencils roll all over the place and fall on the ground. I wanted to keep the holes on the desk surface so that my kids could stand up their markers and colored pencils...

When the doors of the cabinet are open, my son can scoot a chair right up and rest his feet inside the cabinet. Plus the cabinet is HUGE and we can use it to store his art supplies...

Ahhhh, I am loving this Chalkboard Writing Desk!!!!
Total cost was $13: $1 desk + $12 in spray paint

Thank you Robin for letting me share my Chalkboard Writing Desk make over with your great followers!!! I have been so inspired by your blog Robin! Thanks for everything :)

Blessings to you all!

Janiene, seriously $1 for that cabinet! Great find. I love the way you redid it! It's so cute and fun for kids at the same time. Great job!


  1. I really love what you did with the cabinet! I especially love the blue you used! Very nice choice!

  2. Thanks!!! I stood in the spray paint section for like 20 min trying to pick the perfect blue - I wanted a blue that could pair with yellow, orange, red and turquoise. I love this blue - I'm so glad you liked it too!

    Blessings, Janiene :)

  3. Hey lady!! I just found your cute blog via the hop and added myself to your followers! Also I’d love to have you check out a fabulous OSCAR DE LA RENTA giveaway I’m having right now!!
    Hope to see you there! And thanks so much!
    Xo, Emily

  4. Wow! You did a great job! love it!

  5. Such amazing finds! We just had a good thrifting night last night! I love that feeling of finding something to add beauty to yours (or someone else's) surroundings!