Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 16th 2012

C.J. had yet another triathlon this week so yes my garage sale day was short. It always seems like something comes up on Saturday but don't let that stop you! Even getting out to one or two garage sales can be beneficial and can help you save money. Here is what I bought this week.

 I bought 3 purses this week. The silver one on the left was .50 cents! The other two i paid $3 dollars a piece for.
I bought another pair of sunglasses for $1 and these necklaces for .50 cents a piece!
 The sunglasses had never been worn and still had the tags on them for $36.00 dollars from Kohls!
 I bought C.J. these rags for car cleaning for .50 cents a piece.
 I bought another boppy type of pillow. This one was called a Nursing Nest. It's still in the packaging. I paid $1 dollar for it and gave it to a friend that is due in about a week. The packaging even had a pattern on the back of it so that you could make your own boppy cover! After giving it away my friend text me the next day and said she made a cover for it! She is going to send me over pictures of her process so I will be posting about it!
 Here is another essential to a pregnancy. I loved having this book while I was pregnant and being able to read up on what my baby was doing while in my belly. If they are in good condition these make great baby gifts to anyone! I paid $1 dollar for this one! I found the same one of for $9

I also bought a bunch of clothes this week. I bought
1 floral skirt- $1.50
2 lacey shirts-$3
1 lace tank-$1
1 gold shirt-$2
1 pair of nylon leggings for Jaysa-.50 cents
1 yellow and white scarf -.50 cents
and 1 brown Crocodile Dundee shirt-$2
I also bought this pair of orange shoes for $1.

I bought this platter for $2 dollars. I can't wait to get it up somewhere I think is it so pretty.

This patio set sold for $60 dollars!! Wish I would have gotten there a little earlier!
This wedding dress pedi coat was only $15!

These cool old door knobs were $5 dollars a piece.
Here is a pillow pet for $4. Paisley has this exact one and LOVES, LOVES, LOVES it! If it had been one she didn't already have I would have bought it.
I also found a garage sale that had lots of name brand jeans and sweats. She had True religion, Ed Hardy, Antique Denim, Juicy Couture and a few others. She wanted $25 dollars for the jeans and pants. The jeans are upwards of $100 dollars often times much more so $25 was a great deal. I didn't buy any though. Jenas are the last thing that I need.
 I wanted this little jewelry box SO BAD! When I asked the lady how much she wanted for it I could tell it had sentimental value to her, which raises the price in her mind. Not in mine though. She wanted $10 dollars for it. It is beautiful but I am sorry I don't pay for someone else's sentimental value. If you're still attached to an item don't sell it!
 This huge 8 man tent sold for $75
This cute little bed sold for $25. It had the posts at the end but the buyer had already taken them home. 
Carpet for sale! Yes, you can find almost anything at garage sales! Carpet is SO expensive! The seller wanted $150 for this roll but it didn't look like anyone was too interested so I am sure he would have gone down.
When we moved in to this house I wanted the carpet in my front room replaced because the previous owners had a dog and the carpet reeked of pet oder. C.J. couldn't smell it but the odor was so strong to me that I wouldn't even walk in the room. After looking at Lowes and Homedepot at carpet prices I thought I would never be able to sit in my front room but then I started looking on craigslist. I found a similar carpet to my own that was in great shape and was a much better quality than what I had. I bought the roll for $150 and had it replaced. Now I love my living room! 

 Fill a bag! These are the best deals! I love it when the seller lets you fill a bag for a certain price. Let me tell you I think about anyone that might need some clothes and I stuff that thing as full as I can get it!!!! You can get clothes for pennies with this sort of deal!
 This large mirror sold for $25
 These nike shoes were $5 dollars a piece and were in good shape.
 This changing table was only $5 dollars!!!!!!!!! It even has a little drawer for your diapers and everything! It was already sold though. :(

Seriously people! Get out there and see what you can find! Don't forget to come back and show us your deals! I want to start a show and tell so email me pictures of all your amazing finds @


  1. awesome finds!! i need that mirror and platter and shoes and doorknobs.... so amazing!!

    new follower from the GFC Blog Hop! hope to see you around :)

  2. WOW!!! I love the platter and the metal jewelry box! Great finds this week!!! :)

  3. i am so jealous of all these AMAZE finds... seriously. i havent even had the time to step foot out of the house yet for garage sales =( boooo.... i need too. those designer jean deals are fab!