Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flower Bow Tutorial

I realize that most people know how to do these flower bows. However, there was a point in my life when someone had to teach me. So for those of you who have not been taught yet here is a tutorial!

You will need:
one silk flower
glue gun and glue sticks
center piece of your choice
one ribbon lined alligator clip (click here for that tutorial)

Ok so here are the flowers I am using. I bought these at a garage sale over the weekend for .25 cents for all of them! There are 8 flowers. These are $1 a piece at Michaels! I saved $7.75!

What you will want to do first is detach the stem from the flower.
Then you will turn it over and pull off the floral backing from the petals.
Then turn your flower back over and pull out the center of the flower.
Now at this point you can do one of two things. If you just want your bow to be a flower without any jewel or button as the center, then you will just cut off the stem of the center piece. If you don't want to use the original flower center then pick out something you feel looks good in the center and that also fills the gap that is left. This is important. If you have a larger space for your center and you use a tiny button your flower is going to look a little goofy and unproportionate like this...
Next you will separate all your petals and individually glue them together.
 Start with the largest petal first. I just take my glue gun and make a circle around the center on the flower.
 Then take the next largest flower and place it on top lining up the center holes. If you don't do this your flower will look lop sided when your done. 
Remember, you can always use a second flower of another color to make your bows more exciting!
Since I am making these flowers for my sister-in-law who is having her first little girl I wanted to make sure and give her a pink and green bow. This is a necessity in a little girls closet! There wasn't a pink flower in the bunch that I got for .25 cents so I went to my bag of flowers, which I also bought at a garage sale for $3 dollars a few years ago and found a pink daisy I could use.
After pulling off the stem and center of the pink flower I glued my petals together interchanging the colors.
TIP: To make your petals look more full don't lay the petals directly on top of each other. Using this picture as an example I lined my pink petals up so that there was a green petal showing through each one of the spaces between my pink petals. This will allow you to use layers in your flower!
After you have all your petals glued on pick out what center piece you want to use. I have a bunch of pearls, jewels, buttons and old jewelry I keep in these jars. I find them all at garage sales for dirt cheap so making bows never costs me too much! 

 After you have picked out your center piece, glue it on. Sometimes if you are using old buttons or jewelry you may have to get some wire cutters and cut off the backs so they lay flat in the center of your bow. I used an old earring as the center piece of my orange bow and had to snip off the post on the back with some wire cutters. After your center is glued on, turn it over and glue on your ribbon lined alligator clip and your done!  (click here for a tutorial on how to line your alligator clip with ribbon) 
I made a total of 7 bows using the flowers I found for .25 cents and a few others I had in my flower bag. If I had to estimate how much these seven bows cost me I would guess $2 dollars but $1.50 of that goes toward the alligator clips! 

Here is the cutest model in the world modeling the bows I made for my sister-in-law!

You can also use this tutorial to make hair pieces for adults! I don't wear a lot of flowers in my hair but you could really dress these up so that they would look cute in an older person's hair too!


  1. My daughter would love these!!

  2. These are so cute and simple to make. Definitely going to be making some of these for my daughter. It is just now getting into summer dress weather around here and these would be sooo cute with them.


  3. I have never made one myself. They are super cute! My daughter will want one in every color now lol.

  4. Cute, cute!!! Thanks for visiting Saving4Six. Following you back!!