Monday, April 30, 2012

April 28th 2012

Here is what C.J. found this week.
He bought this tire inflator with the gauge for his air compressor for $2 dollars

This Air soft gun with all the bb's was only $3
C.J. also bought this Under Amour draw string bag for .50 cents. Its reversable too! Here is the exact same one on for $12.99 

Callaway golf bag and clubs for $75. Callaway golf bags can get really expensive and just the bag alone will cost you upwards of $150 dollars. Here is one that is really similar that I found for $149

 Black and Decker blower for $40. It still had the instruction manual attached to it! Here is the same on I found on for $99.00!
 These waders were only $10 dollars. Here are some I looked up at on sale for $129!
Here is another pair for $5!

This pull up bar was $3. We bought ours for $30!

Here is something we are so jealous of. We want to do a fire pit in our back yard EXACTLY like this one! This guy sold this one for $50 dollars! I wish we would have gotten there a little bit earlier! 


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