Monday, April 30, 2012

April 28th 2012

This week I hit two really big community garage sales. Community garage sales are great because they provide you with a high concentration of sales in a small area. 
I love it when I see signs like this!
 This community yard sale had a map to all the garage sales along with a list of addresses!

Here is everything we found this week!

I bought this Queen headborad for $5!

This matching pair of lamps were too cute to pass up! I texted a picture of these to my friend who's baby room I am helping with and she loved them! They were also $5 dollars a piece.

Here is a little camo beanie. I knew my husband would dis-own me if I didn't pick this up. I paid .50 cents for it. 

It still has the tag on it for $19.99 from Cabela's!

Here is something I am really excited about. 
 This is a mini chase lounge for kids. It's dirty and in bad shape right now but this will look so cute in a photography session! The guy had a sticker on it for $10 dollars but I was able to talk him down to $3!
 PAINT! A great way to save money on some of the furniture revamps is to buy your paint from garage sales! I spent a total of $2 dollars on ALL of these cans of paint. The two on the left are pretty empty so the guy threw them in for free. I am hoping I will have enough to do one project with them. The four on the the right have NEVER BEEN OPENED! I got two cans of white, a primer and a dark brown color. I am always in need of white paint and primer so this was a steal for me. These are normally about $30 dollars a piece! I would have spent $120 on 4 one gallon cans of paint. Since I bought them at a garage sale for .50 cents a piece I saved $118 dollars!
 This is a bumper pad I bought for $2 dollars. I plan to recover it like my friend did with her bassinet and use it in the nursery I am working on.
Here is my new pair of snow boots. I bought them for $1 dollar! Here is the same boots at Sports Authority for $29.99!
Here are two antique frames I bought for .50 cents a piece. One of them has a few broken pieces but I we will see if a little super glue can't fix it. 
Cute black jeggins I will save for Jaysa till she fits in them. I paid .50 cents for these. 
This was just too cute not to buy. I paid $1 for this outfit and plan to give it to my sister-in-law who is having her first girl!

This is something else I am really excited about. This is a wood fireplace that seriously needs some TLC. I am not going to tell you what I have planned for it just yet but I can't wait to get started on it. I bought it for $5!

 I also bought these glass bottles for $1 a piece and plan to use them in my bathroom.

I bought 8 daisy flowers for .25 cents! These are great for make little girls bows! I am going to make some bows for my sister-in-law out of these!

This Vintage Dollie runner was .25 cents!
I found this cute frame for $1 and have a great idea for it!

I also bought this frame for $3 dollars. Obviously we will be taking the Seven Crown American Crown Whiskey mirror out. 
I bought these two shirts for .50 cents a piece.

This one still had a tag on it for $18.99.

I bought this "shabby chic" pillow (as my husband called it) and this Lightening McQueen for .50 cents a piece. Jaysa was so excited when I handed McQueen to her. She looked it right in the eyes and kissed it!
Ha Ha terrible picture of her! She looks crossed eyed but it's because she is still looking into his eyes! 

Here are a bunch of cute shoes that were bought at Ross. They still have the pricing stickers on them.
The girl selling these wanted $2 dollars a piece.
This baby cradle was $50

Here is something I have never seen at a garage sale before. This is a hamster cage that came with a bunch of other hamster accessories. And guess what?!?!?!

The hamsters are included!!!!

Ha Ha Ha I love it.
These are Laguna Jean look-a-likes. The lady wanted $5 dollars for them. 

This baby swing was only $15!

This bike trailer was only $20!

 This Vacuum was only $12. Buying things like this at garage sales always scars me a bit but if you have a husband thats handy and you have a good feeling about it it might be worth a shot. When C.J. and I were first married we bought a vacuum at a garage from a lady for dirt cheap. She let us know she couldn't get it to work so C.J. brought it home and took a look at it. All it needed was a new belt! We bought a belt for a few bucks at Walmart. C.J. installed it and we still have the same vacuum today!
 Here are a bunch of kids books. They were 5 for $1! I have NEVER bought kids books in the stores! I have an entire bookcase filled of books and all of them came from garage sales!
Here is a really cute skirt for $1. 
This is one of those belly bands you use when you are pregnant. I used these with both of my girls and loved them! When your pregnant there is nothing worse than growing out of your pre-pregnancy pants. A belly band allows you to wear your pre-pregnancy jeans for longer by putting it over the top of your jeans and leaving them open. I know, the crazy things we have to do to look cute when we are pregnant. It looks fine though. It looks like your just wearing an undershirt. I would suggest these to anyone. This one was only $1! Here they are at Target for $16.99
Ok, maybe I am crazy but I though this was cute. They only wanted $1 for it. I can see it in one of those white shabby chic rooms. I didn't buy it though. I don't have anything I could do with it right now. 
 This is a sling rider and a baby rider. These are great for when you have little ones. This lady wanted $3 dollars a piece on these.
These are brand ne, never been opened, dark brown crib sheets for $3 dollars a piece also.
These puzzle floor mats are also fun for the kids! This set was $3!
This snow board and boots were only $20 dollars! 
Here's another pair that look like they have hardly been worn. I even took them out of the box to take the picture. These were $10 dollars 

This also had cute snow boarding pants and a matching jacket at the same garage sale. They only wanted $40 for the outfit.
 Here are some Avent bottles that are still in the box. These are 9 oz bottles. I found a 2 pack of 11oz bottles at for $21.88. These were only $1!
I always see DS games at garage sales. These were $5 dollars a piece.
I know you might be thinking Why would she take a picture of these beads? BUT when I saw these I immediatly thought about this chandelier I saw on Pinterest.
Click here to go to the tutorial via Gus and Lula

I didn't think there were enough beads here to do a chandelier though so I didn't buy them. 

These are silver door knobs and hinges for about 7 or 8 doors. This would be great for someone wanting to update the doors in their house. The seller only wanted $5 dollars for all of them! C.J. told me to buy them but I really want brown knobs instead of silver! This would have been a great steal for someone else! Here are some I found at for $15.65 per knob! And those are the cheaper ones! If you would have gone and bought these new you would have spent between $110-$125!

Look at how cute these little boots are! The ones on the right still have tags on them! They were $2 dollars a piece.

Do your kids do Motor cross?
I ran across this garage sales that had about 10 different motorcros uniforms laying out on their grass. They wanted $10 dollars a piece for them. They also had motor cross bags and a dirt bike for sale.
Still need some boots?
I walked up to a different garage sale and this guy was strolling these boots back to his car. I stopped him and asked him how much he paid for these. He said "You're going to be so mad. I only paid $10 a piece for these and they are pretty much brand new!" He said the pair on the left are like $300 dollar boots and had never been worn!  I wish you could have seen the smile on his face! He was having a Buyer's Rejoice moment.

Here are a pair of Women's Look biking shoes for $6 dollars

 Here is another saddle for $300.
 I love this dresser! It is so cute and wouldn't need any work. They sold this dresser for $30 dollars.
This desk was only $5 dollars!
 I thought about buying it but didn't want to undertake another project. Someone got a GREAT deal on this!

 This outdoor patio set was only $35 dollars! I have a friend that is looking for one but it was already sold! It would have been really cute painted and recovered in a different fabric!

Kids toys for $1 a piece! 
This was also only $1! 

This was a purple and gray stroller and car seat set for $40. the carseat also came with a base and had another cover for it that hadn't been used.

This is great storage for all you kids toys. They only wanted $1 for this and it was perfectly clean!
 This jewelry box was $10 dollars.

 This bookcase would be darling in a nursery or toddlers room. They wanted $15 for it. That pink and green purse on the ground was a Dooney & Bourke. I forgot to take a closer look at it to see if it was real. My mom buys most of her purses at garage sales and finds top brands like Coach and Brighton!

 ZuZu pets and accessories! I also forgot to ask about these but I see them all the time at garage sales. They couldn't have been more than a few bucks!

I love these chairs! They wanted $140 for them, which was too much to ask for at a garage sale but I would have loved to try to recover these in a different fabric!

Do your girls have American Girl dolls?
This lady was selling hand made clothes for them.
How cute are these! She wanted $13 dollars an outfit. I can't imagine the time she put into these! Has anyone ever checked out prices on outfits for these dolls! HOLY COW! They are all around $30 dollars. Check out it out here. I don't even spend that much on my outfits!

This is a terrible picture but I couldn't get a better one.
These book cases were only $5 dollars a piece. I have two of these in my girls playroom I use them to keep all their toys and books organized.

 Ok, WOW! This bed is beautiful! The lady wanted $400 for it was was open to going down on it if no one was interested in it. When I asked her why she was selling it she said that it wouldn't fit down the stairs!


  1. Oh I love yard sales and auctions lol. The bedframe on the end here. I have that exact bedroom suite. We paid nearly 2500 for it all by the time we paid it all off, solid wood, heavy and beautiful. .You and I would have a field day together.. Of course right now I am working on having an estate sale for my mom's stuff. Ugh shoot me now..

    1. Oh ya. Having estate sales is really difficult. Thanks for the insight on the bed! It was a beautiful bed! I hope someone got a good deal on it!

  2. Darn.....wish I could have gotten those crib sheets! Pretty much every week I see something I am looking for on your page! ha ha. I usually eventually find them, but that would have been something nice to have sooner rather than later. If you see any pink/brown crib or cradle fitted sheets, pick them up and I'll pay you for them. If I find them before you do, I'll let you know. :O)

    1. Oh no Meg! I should have called you! I wasn't even thinking! Is there a specific color you want? I will keep my eyes open for another set! So sorry! Call me and let me know what else you need that way I can call if I see anything.

    2. Oh, it's totally not your fault! :O) I don't have much more to get because I've had some really good weeks down here, too, and I even forgot I needed some until I saw them on your page! ha ha I will send you a little list of the last few items I am looking for. Any flowers will help a bunch, cuz hair accessories is one area in which I'm really lacking! I just can't pay the $7 a piece + that people charge for them! Thanks!

  3. Amazing Robin! I wanted to go this last weekend but didn't have the time! Hopefully soon I can get started and find deals like you do :)

    1. Whitnee,
      I hope you get some time to get out there too! It's so much fun and there are some amazing deals out there!