Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 21st 2012

There were so many garage sales out this week and so many AMAZING deals! I didn't even make it around my route before I ran out of cash. I also could have furnished someone's entire baby nursery for as little as $92 dollars!
This crib was $75 dollars and this changing table, which was at a different garage sale was $10 dollars!!!!!!!!! They look like they go together don't they?!?!?
Everyone needs a rocking chair in the baby nursery for those longs night, right?
I bought this one for $7 dollars! I plan to paint it and recover it. If you don't like this rocking chair how about this one?
No, the cute little girl doesn't come with the chair. I am helping a good friend find a few things for her nursery and this rocking chair was EXACTLY what she described to me when she was telling me what she wanted. I bought this rocking chair for $15 dollars!!! After coming to pick it up from my house her husband was telling us that he almost bought one that was very similar in Las Vegas for $400! It's very dirty as you can see but she is having it recovered to match her nursery! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Do you still need a dresser for all those baby clothes? 
This one was only $25 dollars! It's missing one knob but I am pretty sure you could find a replacement at your local home improvement store or the re-store.

Here are some of our other finds!
This is a terrible picture and the flower paintings really distract from the windows potential. I bought this window for $5.
There are so many things you can do with an old window! Here are a few I am thinking about.

 I also bought this changing table for $10. Not as cute as the other one but I am planning on redoing it to match the $7 dollar rocking chair I found.

This is the cutest baby bassinet I have EVER seen!
I bought this for my same friend I bought the pink rocking chair for. She will take it and make new bumper pads and a new skirt so that it also matches her nursery. I bought this for $40

I bought two of these for .50 cents a piece! I think I will paint them a different color but these will look cute anywhere!
I bought this decorative throw pillow for $1. I am designing another friends master bedroom and this pillow is her exact color scheme!

This canvas print was also $1. Cute for a little boys room but we are going to give it a new look and hopefully use it in one of the rooms I am helping with.
I bought this bag of letters for another dollar. The letters spell out Spencer. I don't know any little kids named Spencer but I plan to use a few of the letters in some of my other projects.
I also bought this bottle for .10 cents
 I think this is such a cute idea and want to try it. After writing "LOVE" with hot glue you spray paint it! Such a cute idea and so inexpensive!
I also bought ANOTHER pair of shoes. Ok by now I think everyone has realized that I LOVE shoes!
These are Rocketdog brand. I bought them for $1 dollar. 

More Easter eggs for .25 cents. 
I know Easter is over but I have a cute idea for these.

I found these kids crocs for $1 dollar. They are a little big for Jaysa right now but will fit her soon! They will be great for when we are in a hurry and just need to throw something on.

This is a night stand. It is sitting on the other matching nightstand and has a matching dresser behind it. I bought the set for $15 dollars! I have to cutest idea for these and can't wait to get started on it! Be looking for the final reveal!


This was at the first garage sale I went to. When I asked the lady how much it was she said "$10....but if that too much I will go down." You know that means! ALWAYS ask the seller to go down! I passed this up because I was not sure what I would do with it. After buying the $7 dollar rocking chair I decided I would refurnish a nursery and sell it. I tried to go back and get this because it would have been the perfect height to be converted into a changing table but of course it was gone. :(

This high chair that has never been used was $35. 
 These kids Sunday shoes were .75 cents!
Here is a cute baby doll cradle. I really debated on buying this. It was big enough that a newborn could have fit in it. I was thinking about re painting it and doing someone's newborn pictures in it but the lady wanted $10 dollars for it and that was too much for me. Hopefully I can find something else!
 I loved these candle holder too but they were also too expensive! 
 The lady wanted $20 dollars a piece for these. I could probably go to TJ Maxx and find something really similar for the same price. So I passed them up.
These candle holders were much more reasonable at $5 a piece. Still not cheap enough for me to buy though.
These DVD's were $2 dollars a piece.

Here is some more play-dough that has not been opened. It was only .50 cents a box. Kids toys are everywhere at garage sales! I can count on one hand how many toys I have bought brand new in stores! You will save yourself so much money if you buy kids toys from garage sales!

 This jogging stroller was only $10 dollars!
 Here is another hiking carrier. This one is a better price than the one I posted about last week. They wanted $10 dollars for this one.
They also only wanted $10 dollars for this double stroller! Not the cutest thing ever but great for if you need something quick or your tight on money!

There are so many great deals out there! Please get out there and look! You will be able to save yourself so much money if you shop around at garage sales!

Ok, I did not find these this week but these are a few things that my mom has found at garage sales in the past that I have been admiring and lusting over. She called me the other day because she was coming to see me and wanted to know if there was anything she needed to bring me. Jokingly I named off several of these pieces she has found at garage sales. To my surprise she said "only if it counts as your birthday present." My birthday isn't till October but my mom likes to plan ahead. This was a no brainer for me!!!!!
This is going in my little girls bathroom. I love this piece! The doors open up to be a mirror. So darling. She paid $15 for it
This is a really unique mirror. I have never really seen anything like it. At first I wasn't really sure if I liked it but after thinking about where it could go in my house and what I could do with it I am in LOVE! My mom paid $3 dollars for it!
Here is another antique frame. This is not real wood. It's actually some sort of plastic but I couldn't tell that it wasn't real until I touched it. My mom bought this one for $3 dollars also.

This next one I am so excited to have. 
These frames are all over Pinterest. Here is a cute idea someone did with one that was really similar.
I won't be doing a jewelry holder with it. I think I will either keep it as a mirror or just a frame but my mom only paid $5 dollars for it!!!!!!!!!!

Check back a little later today to see C.J.'s finds! 


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my place. I'm new to having a page on facebook and not sure if I "liked" your page properly because I can't tell lol but I'm subscribed to your blog. I love seeing the stuff people find. Amazing find in your area by the way. I've wanted a frame/mirror like that black one FOREVER but can't find one. :/ I need to go to yard sales more often :)

  2. Wow you found such awesome stuff! I love that circle baby bassinet. I debated on getting a circle baby CRIB (with a beautiful canopy...)but changed my mind due to price. :)

  3. Yes the circle baby cribs are VERY expensive. The friend I bought the bassinet for wants one. SHe found one on craigslist one time but it sold in like a day! Karla thanks for following! Get out there and you'll find some great stuff!