Thursday, April 26, 2012

Belated Easter

Ok, I know I am like two weeks late on this post but better late than never right? We have recently adopted some bunnies that one of C.J.'s co-workers bought off of craigslist. I wanted to do a little Easter photo session with these little guys. So we pulled out the Easter stuff and celebrated Easter all over again! My girls were thrilled! I usually have C.J. helping me out with photo sessions but he was not here this week so I was running around in my back yard trying to catch bunnies and trying to keep them in the basket all while also trying to take pictures and getting my girls to smile. Perfect recipe for a frustrated and exhausted Mom. 

Paisley's dress was bought on an Old Navey clearance sale for a few dollars back when Jaysa was her age. Jaysa's dress I found at Savers for $4.99!
The basket I have my girls sitting in was bought at D.I. for $4 dollars.
I also spray painted it with the spray paint I bought at a garage sale a few weeks ago for .50 cents a can!

I also bought their baskets at D.I. and gave them a make over.
Here are my before pictures.
I paid $1.50 for Jaysa's basket and $1 for Paisley's.
Here are my after pictures

The silver sparkly letters were bought at a garage sale the same week the spray paint was. I paid .50 cents for the box of letters. (the sticker says $1 dollar but I asked her to go down to .50 cents!) The boa that is around Jaysa's basket was also bought at a garage sale for .25 cents!

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  1. What beautiful kiddos! I am following your blog now. Thanks for stopping by The Elephant's Trunk.