Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 21st 2012

Here is what C.J. found today

This is an outdoor tool holder we bought for $2 dollars!!!!!!!!! And no it's not broken! Thats exactly what my husband asked me when I told him how much it was.
Here it is holding all of our garden tools which we have also found at garage sales!
 C.J. bought this weed eater for $3 dollars!! 
We have been in desperate need of a weed eater since we moved and have been borrowing our neighbors every time we mow the yard.  C.J. brought it home, hooked it up and edged the yard. It works perfect! Normally you should ask if you can plug something like this in to make sure it works. The lady didn't have a cord to try it out so we thought for $3 dollars it was worth a try. Here is one like it at for $69.99! We saved $67.00 dollars!

C.J. also bought these tools for $1 a piece. 
The tape measure is actually a really nice one. The end is magnetic and the yard stick stays extended until you push the yellow button.

This is a single man back packing tent. It folds up really small so that you can throw it in your back pack and go.
It's really easy to set up too! All you have to do is un-latch it and let it go and it pops into place
Here is what it looks like all set up. The guy selling it had a bunch of them and they were all brand new! He wanted $15 dollars a piece. Here is the closest thing I could find to this and it was $150 on!
This is an electric lawn mover for $45. These are great if you have a small space that needs to be mowed 
If that doesn't work for you here is a gas lawn mower. C.J. tried it out and it started right up. It looked to be in great condition. They wanted $50 dollars for it.


  1. Lately hubby and I have been going to a local auction. We have a ball. Especially since we know the guy who runs and owns it. Last night he thought it was funny to bid on $1 boxes then put them by our stuff and then put a bunch in our van. I am a garage sale freak. However, I need to be having one soon. Especially with mom's stuff still in the garage needing to be gotten rid of. Ya know so we can make room for more stuff lol.

  2. My husband would have loved those sales! Usually he sits in the car, but would have gotten out if he had seen any of these items. Great haul!